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Total Trip Assist
The Services of DocTours that make your Medi-Dent Getaway completely satisfying

Are you looking to Mexico for health care? Are you wondering how to find the best, most affordable doctor, dentist, or surgeon in Mexico? Are you a medical tourist seeking assistance on your journey? Are you planning to take a medical vacation in Mexico? You've come to the right site.

Giving credit where credit is due, medical tourism to India and dental vacations to Costa Rica are likewise growing—as are the costs of getting and staying there. With DocTours, on the other hand, you can find in Mexico, the best, affordable doctor, dentist, or surgeon and receive all the assistance with planning your medical vacation from our friendly staff. And experience a bit of home away from home.

Trip Assist costs are all inclusive with the price quote you are given in step #2 of the '7 Step Process' on the Dental Work in Mexico page or the Cosmetic Getaway in Mexico page, or under "Are You Ready" on the Anti-Aging Vacation to Mexico page.

Jeffery J. SmithJeffery J. Smith, Principal
Ready to Help You
Deborah VanArsdel, Principal

Our Selection Process

To help you choose a caregiver, here's what we do. We focus on Lake Chapala, our second home, and the largest expat community of Americans outside of the US and of Canadians outside of Canada. The expats there stay there for their dental and medical needs. They know which caregivers are best, and those few enjoy the best reputations.

Our vetting of those professionals is by Deborah VanArsdel who made her career in healthcare evaluation and regulation. She interviewed the best-known doctors and observed their offices and clinics. Thus you can receive the treatment you're used to—and better—yet at prices you can afford.

Our affordable professionals have the requisite training, degrees, licenses, certificates, are Board Certified, and use a combination of proven techniques and state-of-the-art technologies;

Local Logistics

We meet all your medical or dental vacation needs with customized, personalized attention and assistance to find a doctor, dentist, or surgeon on your medical vacation in Mexico. We provide the service, from transportation to meals and everything in between, that you need. Let DocTours help you with all the planning for a medical tourist journey.

WHAT'S INCLUDED? In addition to transportation and lodging, two daily meals will be provided, breakfast and dinner. Our chef, Antonio, will frequently prepare tasty regional dishes. Snacks and beverages are also provided. Be sure to advise us on your registration form if you have any special dietary needs.

WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED? If you are traveling with a partner, there will be an extra charge for lodging and meals.

To get about, DocTours ferries you to and from the airport and to and from all your appointments, including hospital visits to Guadalajara if applicable. You also receive complimentary transportation for one daytime outing and a nighttime excursion.

Antonio and Friend

"The best doctors in the world are Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet, and Doctor Merryman."
Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

Antonio Villafan-Alvarado

As our official transportation manager, Antonio Villafan-Alvarado is the one who will be meeting you at the airport, driving you from there to your lodging at our San Antonio home (and any other places by arrangement). He is responsible for getting clients to their appointments with their care providers.

At your first DocTours appointment

Front entrance to your home away from home

More Personalized

Your arrival is an exciting event for us all. In most cases, Antonio Villafan-Alvarado will personally greet you at the Guadalajara International Airport as you come through the doors directly after clearing customs. You'll spot him with our name "DocTours" on a placard. Antonio will assist you with your luggage as you cannot bring the luggage cart past the customs room doors.

To save yourself time—and Antonio's—please have completed for the customs officials the declaration and visa forms provided on your flight. These forms can be requested in English from the flight attendants. Also, have your passport accessible. When you make it to the baggage claim area, if you need a luggage cart, go to the far end of the baggage claim area. On your left there may be a line of people waiting for a cart, or if you're lucky enough to be first in line, an airport employee will pass you a cart. Once you have your bags, proceed to the baggage screening and customs lines directly across from the baggage claim carousels. You will most likely have to get into a long line, but they do move fairly fast. You'll proceed from this area through the double doors.

The ride to your new temporary home will acquaint you with the scenery of Mexico—the ranches, villages, plants, and animals. It's a short 40 minute trip south of Guadalajara to Lake Chapala.

As you come over the mountain that separates the Guadalajara metro area from the lake basin, you'll have an impressive vista of the 60-mile long lake and the distant mountains on its other side. As you arrive at "Lakeside" (as the locals refer to the area), Antonio will gladly stop at a store if you'd like to pick up any items for your own use. He's completely familiar with the area and the many stores, shops, and markets.

Market satisfies a customer
Truly Fresh Daily

When we take you to your first appointment, we introduce you to your care provider and facilitate with any needed interpretation. Generally, though, most doctors and their staffs are bilingual—though you might like to pick up some new lingo!

Your arrival is an exciting event for us all.

Your Home Away from Home

You'll be brought to your modern, two-story home away from home, where you'll be welcomed personally at the front door.

Your modern Mexican getaway is located midway between the popular tourist towns of Chapala and Ajijic, in a San Antonio Tlayacatan neighborhood.

If relaxing around home is more to your liking, as they say in Mexico, "Mi casa es tu casa." Our cable TV provides many programs in English and is available in every bedroom, the dining room, and the living room. The satellite radio offers access to hundreds of US music channels and programs. On our phone, you can call home, free of charge, at anytime. We can also help you look up local phone numbers of interest.

"Mi casa es tu casa."
Our north side bedroom

The house where you'll stay has two stories, three bedrooms, and four restrooms. You will have your own private bedroom and ensuite bathrooms. All bedrooms are located on the second floor, with either single or double beds.

Of course you are welcome to use the reading room upstairs and any of the rooms downstairs: a dining room, a full kitchen, and a laundry room with washer and dryer.

having a meal
Join us!
dining room table and bar
One can take their meal at the dining room table or the kitchen bar counter.
bedroom with two beds
Our south side bedroom with a balcony
upstairs bathroom
All bedrooms have private bathrooms
The kitchen in the background is where our chef performs his Mexican miracles of savory dishes.
upstairs reading area
The upstairs area for reading by the light of the southern sun.
Back Patio
The large outdoor patio is equipped with an outdoor kitchen that includes a sink, countertops, and built-in barbecue.

Lounge chairs and tables are set up for your enjoyment of the abundant sunshine and fresh air. Soon we'll install a hammock for additional lounging pleasure.

comfortable living area
Throughout the house, the furniture is comfortable.
outdoor patio
One can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner either indoors or out in the glorious Lake Chapala weather.
landscaping near house in Lake Chapala
Everywhere you look, the landscaping is lush and the views captivating—a picture is worth a thousand words.
mountains bordering Lake Chapala
The vista that greets you looking out our north side balcony toward the mountains forming a bowl around Lake Chapala on a typical Mexican day.

Gadding About Town

If an additional guided tour, dining out, or shopping experience is desired, Antonio is available for hire at a ridiculously reasonable rate to get you wherever you want to go. Whenever we have lodging guests, he will be onsite or readily available by cell phone for transportation requests and gourmet cooking. He has many skills, a warehouse of useful knowledge, and loves to share it all with others. As a medical tourist seeking assistance on your journey, you won't be disappointed in Antonio's willingness to make your medical vacation in Mexico the best it can be.

delicious dinner
Delicious Dinner

If you decide to stay with us longer, you will have lots to choose from. Just click on Vacation Fun above. Imagine—healing on holiday!

While visiting, you may want another Sentient Treatment such as our affordable dental work or plastic surgery. Learn more about medical dental tourism in Mexico and wellness travel in Mexico. If you enjoy traveling with another, please familiarize them with this site, too.

A timely reminder: Make sure your passport is up to date.

If you are bringing a friend or family member along, that person will be made to feel welcome and may join you during your appointments.

lake chapala boat ride
Let Loose on the Lake

advice for life

Extra Insight

Would you like to glean something about the Mexican sense of humor? Here are some jokes that Mexicans tell about doctors:

A new patient asked the plastic surgeon to reconstruct everything about her body: nose, chin, skin color, etc.

Finally, the surgeon asked her, "Madam, is there anything else you'd like done to yourself?"

"Yes," she said. "I'd like you to make my eyes bigger and more expressive."

"That we can do immediately," he replied. "Nurse, please present our client with the bill."

"You have had enough of excess," the doctor tells his patient in the hospital. "From now on, eat less, use salt only in small amounts, drink less alcohol, and make your fun less sedentary."

The patient looks with anguish at the cup of consomé and the half leaf of lettuce that the nurse serves him for dinner with a grape for dessert. He asks her, "Would you bring me a postage stamp, please?"

"Why would you want that?"

"After dinner I'd like a little something to read."


An old man, well over 80, had a consultation with a sexologist.

The age of his new patient surprised the doctor. "What seems to be the problem, grandfather?"

The old gentleman sighs. "The first one doesn't exhaust me, but the second is more difficult. By the time I reach the third, my heart palpitates. By the fourth, I am totally spent."

"At your age, that is more than one could expect?"

"No, I must reach the fifth floor, which is where my novia* lives."

(* Translation: "girlfriend")