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Medical tourists seeking the perfect getaway to obtain affordable medical and dental care that was out of reach financially in their own country travel around the world to undergo affordable dental care, medical treatments, or plastic surgery in Lake Chapala, a locale where one can find affordable anti-aging protocols, including HGH and stem cell therapies. Some visitors choose to take a medical vacation in Lake Chapala. However one plans to spend their time, Lakeside is a pleasant place to be.

Most visitors to Lake Chapala fly into the international airport located 30 minutes away, serving Guadalajara, 40 miles to the north. The second biggest city in Mexico after the federal capital (where one third of the nation's population lives), Guadalajara is the capital of the State of Jalisco—and far from the issues along the US border. It's a different world down there, out of the media's eye.

The climate at lakeside, according to National Geographic, ranks the second best in the world. It's perpetual spring, ideal all year round—like "MediSun", the air feels so soft, the nights sensuous, and the days illuminated. (How's the weather where you are right now?) April, May, and June are the warmest months and never too hot. From June through to September is the rainy season. Clouds tend to converge in the afternoon, let loose a downpour that lasts just a while, leaving the evenings cool and dry. During the winter months, the temperature does drop somewhat at night. So for the cooler winter mornings and evenings, do bring a jacket or sweater with you. Whether one is healing on holiday or already healthy, the ambrosial environment delivers an amazing mood boost.

Expats Galore

At least a million foreigners from everywhere live in Mexico, and the number of US-born expats keeps rising. Many people retire to Mexico for affordable living in better weather, and most prefer to live near other gringos. Some younger people are moving there because of the culture, economy, and opportunities Mexico has to offer.

Such advantages have attracted an expat community 50 thousand strong and growing, from everywhere. They vie with San Miguel de Allende for the title of the largest expat community of Americans and Canadians living outside of America and Canada.

English novelist, poet, and essayist D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930), at age 37 in 1923, spent three summer months in Chapala. He intended to stay forever but his plans went awry. He did write the first draft of the work that eventually became The Plumed Serpent (1926).

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Palapa Decor


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According to National Geographic, Lakeside has the second best climate in the world.

Being There

Lake Chapala's popularity began in the early 1900s when Mexican President Porfirio Diaz visited the area and fell in love with its beauty. He had an estate built, the Villa Montecarlo. Today, that manor serves as one of the lake's country clubs.

The towns bordering Lake Chapala are like the rest of Mexico—a blend of two cultures, Native Indian and Spanish, into something distinct that has thrived for centuries. You see authentic folkloric traditions whose analogs have disappeared from many other nations around the world; Mexicans have kept theirs alive. The local natives and emigres share a philosophy on life—enjoy the gift enlightenedly.

Regardless of your reason to use DocTours—a dental vacation, a medical vacation, or a surgical vacation—you have lots of play options. Spend your increased energy hiking, pedaling, kayaking, playing golf, tennis, practicing yoga and meditation, eating right, getting massaged by an affordable expert, dining out at four-star restaurants, or dancing the night away to live music. Even if staying just a week or two, one can fit into the happy hum of activity generated by the local community.

Within the lake are two islands: Mezcala Island and Scorpion Island. Mezcala Island, also Isla Presidio, is a national monument with captivating ruins of an old fort; there Mexican forces fought the Spanish king's army from 1812 to 1816. Scorpion Island, or "Isla Alacranes", has several restaurants that serve mouthwatering local dishes. Both islands are ideal sites for bird watching. To get to these islands without swimming, boats are available for rental or charter.

A Video Library

What especially draws so many North American retirees and families and others from around the world to Lake Chapala? These are the most compelling reasons the expats cite:

  • Affordable, top-notch medical care is available.
  • The most developed expat/English infrastructure in Mexico.
  • A sense of a real community.
  • A lower cost of living.
  • Close proximity to a major airport.

Outdoor Shopping Year-Round

Here is a lovely slide show produced professionally by local civic boosters.

To give you the clearest answer, these expats have video-graphed a response.

They have answered the question in their own words.

The travelers who fell in love with the country have added their modern pleasures to the mix, notably a love for animals and, of course, popular American music. The expat band, the Tall Boys, extol the virtues of their new home in this video which used Lake Chapala as its venue.

To see the world of this expat community, watch this video, "Access Lake Chapala".

Within Lake Chapala, there is the special community of Ajijic, the favorite of many area expats. Check it out via this video.

If you were under the impression that our part of Mexico maybe was not modern enough or comfortable enough, then this video is for you.

Watch a professionally made video with perhaps the most beautiful videography and musical soundtrack. Hear that? In modern Mexico, too, people enjoy the latest World compositions.

By now, you're probably eagerly waiting to hear your northern MD or DDS quote a high enough price to send you southward to Lake Chapala as your getaway destination. A place where you can fly into, have a vacation, receive the dental or medical treatment of your choice, and get lodging, meals, and transportation for less than half of what it would cost you just for the treatment at home.

In their home countries, Americans and Canadians can save by turning to a doctor with less experience who charges less. Or, they can fly south. A price much lower than what's charged in the US and Canada does not make the Mexican doctor equivalent to a less expensive American or Canadian one. Rather, it means that almost all goods and services cost less in Mexico. There, one can hire a DocTours' professional as talented as one anywhere, pay far less, and receive treatment that's as good as it gets.

The Lake Chapala Society

Garden of Tropical Delights

Here is what the members of the main expat organization have to say, in their words and pictures, about their Lake Chapala Society, a group that has invited our doctors to give talks on all the available local treatments.

What a Great Place to do Yoga

The Lake Chapala area is full of colonial architecture and has an art- and culture-based expat community. The Lake Chapala Society ("LCS") in Ajijic is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the mutual exchange of knowledge, expertise, culture, heritage, language, and talents, thereby contributing to the social enrichment of its members as well as the lakeside Mexican community. The LCS is recognized under Mexican law as an Asociacion Civil, a legal, charitable organization.

Annually, they have almost 3,000 members and associates from nations around the world. For almost 60 years, they have been helping newcomers and old-timers, both full and part-time, to have a more enjoyable and stress-free life on the Chapala Riviera.

The LCS provides a medical program with a number of physicians and health-care workers who offer numerous services on the LCS grounds at specified times.

The LCS Life-Long Learning program regularly offers a number of university-level lectures and seminars throughout the year. Outstanding among these are the Neill James Lectures, as well as a number of lecture courses given by LCS members such as Jim Penton and Suzanne Forrest.

The LCS has an English language library with a wide assortment of fiction and nonfiction books equivalent to an American or Canadian small-town library. For visually impaired members, the U.S. Library of Congress provides taped Talking Books and the special machines to play them free of charge. The Society is the only civilian organization outside the U.S.A. to be honored with such an arrangement.

In addition to providing social, recreational and educational opportunities for expatriates, the Society also assists the local Mexican community through education in computer technology, English, art, and academic programs, as well as offering an ongoing student aid program and Spanish language library.

A pioneer in the Ajijic foreign colony, Neill James founded the Biblioteca Publica de Ajijic more than 50 years ago, providing books, materials, guidance, and financial support that opened horizons to several generations of local youngsters. Ms. James would also supply art materials to interested, talented children. She would sell their works to foreigners, giving all the proceeds to the young artists. Ms. James obtained a number of scholarships for local Mexican youths to study art at the Instituto San Miguel de Allende. As a result, several of them have become outstanding artists.

As the Lake Chapala Society grows, it makes life much easier and more pleasant for those expatriates and their Mexican neighbors. A longer version of the above article appears here.

Feel the Pull?

It is for these many reasons that, for a medical or dental vacation, Lake Chapala is the perfect destination. Get in touch and make this ideal getaway the destination for your medical and dental care needs. If you are bringing a friend or family member along, that person will be made to feel welcome and may join you during your appointments. If you enjoy traveling with another, please familiarize them with this site, too. A timely reminder: make sure your passport has at least six month before expiration.

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Steps of Dragons
"...the U.S. Library of Congress provides taped Talking Books and the special machines to play them free of charge"
Music on the Lawn