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Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical Tourism—Patients travel to another country to engage a top-notch doctor or dentist. After paying for treatment, airfare, lodging, and meals, all that still costs less than paying just a doctor or dentist in the United States. In Mexico, clients save from 50% to 80% off what US professionals charge. No wonder medical tourism to Mexico is growing.

The Basics

Going Viral

Welcome to your concierge for medical tourism to Mexico … DocTours. Every medical tourist asks: “Will I be safe?” and “How much will I save?”and “How well will my Mexican doctor, dentist, or surgeon perform?”

Safety first. You’re going to a place that’s just as safe as the safest town in America. Ajijic is not a large city, its populace is materially comfortable; it has a high number of expats and visitors. Local authorities in the Chapala Rivera have done an excellent job upholding the law. All that makes your experience more than secure. You’ll feel welcomed and have fun. If venturing out, note Mexico overall is much safer than the US.

Second, cost. How can doctors (of all people) charge prices easily affordable? It’s simple. Of course “you get what you pay for”, but in America you pay not just for a doctor. You also pay for his lawyer, insurer, and his lobbyists who make medical attention the fastest growing expense in the family budget. But in Mexico, you pay only for the care you receive. That’s how medical tourists to Mexico save up to 80%.

Third, competence. Medical tourists to Mexico find world-class doctors and dentists on the shores of Lake Chapala. Satisfied visitors testify to that. The Mexican doctors, dentists, and surgeons we vetted are as impressive as any anywhere.

While healing and saving, you’re on vacation—the second half of medical tourism. Here prices are low, climate perfect and exotic. Plus almost everyone is friendly and happy to host visitors. Some say Ajijic, a charming town, is the best and biggest expat community. It’s a half hour from the international airport of cosmopolitan Guadalajara—where we’ll pick you up.

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking."
Earl Wilson

Hear, hear!

Next Steps

Ready to Improve your health, save big, and take a vacation amid other medical tourists? What better place to heal and relax than with sunshine, scenery, cuisine, spa … Complete your due diligence then become a medical tourist to Mexico. Your home-away-from-home is ours, as our guest in your private room with bath ensuite. Follow the millions of Americans and Canadians who’ve gone before.

Come On Down


"Sure, I was worried, but finances gave me no choice. Now looking back on how smooth it went and how much fun I had, I feel silly having been anxious. I'm going back as soon as I can."
J.J. - Northern California


The Contents Inside

Experienced the Best

About DocTours

We have experienced medical tourism from both sides—patient and concierge. We are Americans and Mexicans who faced steep healthcare costs, and found bargains. We received treatment in Mexico as good as one would pay a fortune for in America or wait months for in Canada.

Co-founder and former State of California Health Care Facilities Evaluator, Debbie Van Arsdel vetted the best doctors, dentists, and surgeons on the Chapala riviera. Our other co-founder Jeffery Smith used to lead delegations of North Americans abroad. He handled logistics, visas, prescriptions, and local businesses—in their own language—and keeps up-to-date with medical progress. Toni Villafan Alvarado, our Mexican partner, is a host par-excellence.

Only after our satisfactory experience did we recommend the best here to compatriots back home.

Dental Services With DocTours

Of the many treatments medical tourists choose, the most popular is fixing one’s teeth. That ranges from cleaning to bridges and everything in between. All affordable, all world-class. Because dentistry in Mexico is young and growing, most of the dental equipment is state-of-the-art. You can get a new crown while sitting in the chair. Our dentists practice the latest, pain-free techniques. Their personal touch is sympathetic and authentic.

Cosmetic Surgery & Weight Loss With DocTours

Are you bothered by varicose or spider veins? Our specialist repairs them. Liposuction and long-lasting fillers (10-15 years) are also available. Come enhance yourself as a medical tourist in Mexico. In Ajijic, change your look away from the preying eyes of home.

Anti-Aging With DocTours

Some Baby Boomers save a small fortune taking repeated trips to Mexico for stem cells (which typically originate in Switzerland, as do those used north of the border). Chelation for eliminating toxicities, heavy metals, artery blockages, and high cholesterol, etc, is effective and affordable. Our qualified physician offers every type of facial rejuvenation.

You may have considered utilizing such treatment but figured you could not afford it. Rather than pay double, triple, quadruple and up, don’t. Come to the sun in order to stay young.

Wait ’til you see one local specialist. Guess his age. I bet you’ll be way off. These treatments work.

"Mandidate For Lipo"


Integrative Treatments With DocTours

Specialists in sentient treatments, both traditional and contemporary, serve locals. Our qualified MD performs high-tech computerized BioScans. These identify issues related to cardiovascular disease, nutritional deficiencys, early signs of cancer, and assess the health of every internal organ, even the brain. All for less than a dinner at a fancy restaurant. We arrange complimentary therapies, too: massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, taping, ozone therapy, PRP therapy, etc. Our professionals keep themselves on the cutting-edge of integrative knowledge and practice. Their patients heal even beyond their expectations.

Your Stay & Trip Assist With DocTours

Lake Chapala’s beauty, climate, and influx of visitors draw some of the best Mexican doctors and dentists. They’ve built reputations among the expats. We’ve vetted the best ones for you to utilize. We arrange your appointments, take you to and from them, and introduce you to your doctors and their staffs. We pick you up and return you to the airport, provide lodging, any interpretation needed, and tell you all you want to know about your new setting.

Wonderful Water

Wellness Travel

Are you self-discipline-challenged? We all know we should live healthfully, but you know how that goes—the way of New Year’s resolutions. Hence many serious about changing their habits travel to a place that makes it easy to change. No distractions!

On the Chapala riviera, medical tourists to Mexico can build wellness into their daily routine. Noticing the physical progress makes the commitment not a struggle but a joy. They …

Lodge with others dedicating themselves to wellness. Benefit from lectures and conversations. Eat healthfully. Enjoy fun activities that reshape the body. Soak in saunas. Have a massage. Relax with yoga, mediation, and music. Sleep soundly all night. Make new friends. Then return with the knowledge and habits that keep you well.

Lake Chapala

Gringos rave about this destination for good reason—three big ones: place, price, and people.

The climate is perpetual spring. Lake Chapala and mile-high elevation keep the weather the envy of paradise, year round. The landscaping—green trees and colorful flowers—feels like constant renewal.

If you’re middle-class in America, you feel like a millionaire in Mexico, prices are that low. Cost and other factors have attracted visitors for decades. Famous artists like D. H. Lawrence and Tennessee Williams lived and worked here.

Most important: people are friendlier. Medical tourists and expats pour millions of dollars into the local economy. Native locals are happy to see you and make you feel welcome. Public safety is taken for granted.

Special Bonus: the Lake Chapala Society (”the embassy”) makes spending time in a foreign nation easy. US Consular and other representatives visit weekly. Lakeside (or maybe rival San Miguel de Allende) is home to the biggest expat community anywhere of Americans and Canadians.

Lakeside Activities

All you dream of doing on land or lake you can do here. Daytime offers strolls on the malecon (boardwalk), hikes up the hillside, shopping for arts and crafts. One may dine in garden restaurants on cuisines prepared by talented chefs from all over the world. Nighttime also offers concerts and dancing. Annual events include indigenous artisans, balloon launches, chili cook-off, book fair, parades, etc. In the countryside are ancient ruins with an interactive modern museum. If you visit the beach you’ll likely like to linger a while. Your fun will be enough to make you want to extend your stay. Many do.

Guadalajara & Its Neighbors

Guadalajara—Mexico’s second biggest city—lies on the other side of the mountain ridge from Lake Chapala. Vacation aficionados like Travel & Leisure rate this nearby cosmopolitan city highly every year. Michelin ranks Guadalajaran restaurants on its world’s best list.

The citizens celebrate their version of Oktoberfest. It gets top marks for architecture, pedestrian malls, public art, and bike lanes, plus intriguing museums, theaters, and nightclubs. Mexico’s modern tech center, the city is also the birthplace of mariachi and rodeo-like horsemanship.

A neighborhood is boutique Tlaquepaque. A train ride away is the town of Tequila, the birthplace of the distilled beverage. Rock star Santana was born in another town outside Guadalajara.

Flying By Ankle 100' Up


The Environment

The land, water, and air that surrounds you anywhere you are both infect you and heal you. Like everywhere, Chapala has both kinds of attributes, healthful and less so. Yet the human footprint of unwanted byproducts is way tolerable. Like everywhere, Mexico has a citizen movement, improving the environment. Eco-tourists or anyone can have an adventure taking a day trip from Lake Chapala to each of Mexico’s five eco-systems.

Teatro Degollado

DocTours’ Blog

To get up to speed about medical progress and medical tourism in Mexico, check out our blog. If there’s a topic you have a special interest in, just use the search box. Lots of surprising stories about the latest achievements.

Medical Tourism

Receive top-shelf treatment, yet pay bottom dollar.

Traveling abroad to see a doctor, dentist, surgeon, or counselor is as old as the Ancient Greeks and is the fastest growing segment of modern tourism. One of the foremost destinations has always been Mexico. It’s the closest tropical country for Americans and Canadians.

Mexico is where all the main modern prefix-tourisms began. Americans going abroad to … * see a dentist (medical tourism), * join others in a regimen of healthy living (wellness travel), or * explore the jungle (eco-tourism) … all began in Mexico. Such travels now are popular worldwide and with more participants annually in the land of the Aztecs and Mayans.

Medical tourists in Mexico hire highly qualified doctors, dentists, and wellness practitioners, yet save a bundle. Medical tourists to Mexico take a vacation, a break from harsh winter and the hectic pace of life—both breaks boost health. Consequently, millions of Americans and Canadians have chosen Mexico for getting rid of pain plus relaxing.

Medical tourists to the Chapala riviera heal and enjoy a vacation in a tropical highland.

"Glad Ride"


Only Her Surgeon Knows

History of Plastic Surgery

Soldiers ravaged by war were the first patients whom surgeons operated on to improve appearance. Born of that necessity, the skillset grew to today’s accomplished cosmetic surgery. Now medical tourists to Mexico can return looking totally different without bearing the marks of surgery.

Weight Loss

Shedding pounds is the third main reason that Americans and Canadians travel to Mexico for the best and most affordable medical care. With liposuction and other modern techniques, one can take off more than ever. Some visitors stay long enough to adopt a new diet that keeps off the unwanted weight.


In today’s global society, doctors and dentists ... * train in each others’ country, * practice in each others’ nation, and * win certification from the same international accrediting agency. Furthermore, * they all speak English. The biggest difference is Latin caregivers often provide a more empathetic bedside manner.

Delivered to You

Most first-time medical tourists to Mexico have plenty of questions. Here you’ll find the answers. Everything you need to know to travel safely and in style.

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