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Dental Work in Mexico

Where can you find affordable dental care In Mexico? And take a medical vacation in Mexico? People come from everywhere to Lake Chapala in Jalisco, Mexico to receive dental work and benefit from our before, during, and aftercare.

We urge you to take care of any dental issue as soon as you can. It's easy to do, and if you don't, the consequences are not exactly life-enhancing. We've all had bad breath, a cavity, or a toothache—caused by bacteria. The food you don't thoroughly chew—to minimize even the most minor pain—can signal the glands to excrete excess mucous that can enter your lungs and sinuses, and give you allergies, even late in life. More importantly, that bad bacteria that grows in your mouth can spread to your heart and arteries with possible fatal consequences. Your teeth and gums are parts of your body you want to heal immediately. And fortunately, it is easy and so affordable with our assistance.

Our vetting of the dental professionals serving the largest expat community outside of the US is by Deborah Van Arsdel, who made her career in healthcare evaluation and regulation in California. She interviewed the best known dentists in the Lake Chapala region of Mexico, and observed their offices and clinics. The caregivers we selected for you rival those anywhere in the world.

Medical tourism to India and dental vacations to Costa Rica are likewise growing—as are the costs of getting and staying there. With DocTours, you will likely find everything from root canals to bridges much more affordable. With the Dollar to Peso exchange rate skyrocketing, your dollar goes a very long way south of the border.

In their home countries, Americans and Canadians can save by turning to a dentist who charges less. Or, they can fly south. A price much lower than what's charged in the US and Canada does not make the Mexican dentist equivalent to a less expensive American or Canadian one. Rather, it means that almost all goods and services cost less in Mexico. On the shores of Lake Chapala, one can hire a DocTours dentist as talented as one anywhere, pay far less, and receive treatment that's as good as it gets.

And in Lake Chapala, you can experience a bit of home away from home. If you've already decided but need to know how to get dental in Mexico, you've come to the right site. We're here to help you find affordable dental treatments while taking a medical vacation.

"Very satisfied, was pleasant experience. Much appreciated being able to have my teeth cleaned, too."
Millie, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dental patientPatient in Spotlight
She interviewed the best known dentists in the Lake Chapala region of Mexico, and observed their offices and clinics.
"The dentist is the best ever. The entire staff is wonderful. An extraction is a breeze, and he even does cavitations. My partial snaps in and out with ease and works great. I opted for that and am quite happy with it. This office is so accommodating and clean, and they really care about your dental and overall health. And, of course, perfect English spoken!"
Cheryl, local expat in Lakeside

Aid with patient

Dental Procedures Costs
in USA v. Mexico

Which of these procedures do you need? Let us know.

Dental Service Average Cost
in USA
Our Price
in Mexico
Bridge—removable for two sides $1,250-$1,525 $500
Bridge—removable for one side $300
Implant $2,775 $400
On top of an implant, a crown $1,210 $225
Complete implant $3,985 $583-$625
Crown of gold $1,390 $400
Crown of zirconium $300
Crown inlaid with veneer $1,520 $275
Crown that is inlaid $225
Crown with a collar $205
Crown of porcelain $1,450 $108-$250
Crown of metal (not gold) $1,210 $140
Surgery that is complex $303 $160
Surgery that is not complex $206 $150
Dentures $2,000 $180
Root Canal with a cap $1,400-$1,805 $400
Root Canal under a crown $140
Root Canal $83
Whitening $650 $100
Extractions—depends on tooth $206-$353 $15-$90
X Rays, a full set $150 $19-$33
Teeth Cleaning $127 $8-$30
Mouth Guard $30
Seal $30
Reconstruction $20
Resin (filling composite) $20
Cement $20
Cementing a bridge $30
"I had a broken tooth which had to be removed and an implant installed. The procedure was painless and done very efficiently. My Spanish is very poor but all of the staff spoke excellent English. The service was excellent. I will return in 4 months to have a crown installed. I highly recommend the dentist and his staff."
Robert, Sedona, Arizona, USA

Before Smile MakeoverBefore Smile Makeover

New Smiles and
So Much More

Coming to our dentists in Mexico for a smile makeover? Your new teeth will be custom made while you wait, so you get to see them and provide input in real time as they are created. In the dental chair, you will experience your dentist's artistry and technical expertise as he or she creates a smile that will look beautiful and natural. From dental implants to crowns and porcelain veneers, their cosmetic dentistry procedures are customized to meet each patient's individual needs.

After Smile MakeoverAfter Smile Makeover
"This was by far the best dental experience I have ever had. The dentist did everything and was at my side the whole time I was in the chair. He explained everything that I needed and was not needed. He went above and beyond what is expected of a dentist. I needed extractions, implants, with bone grafts, crowns, fillings, cleaning, and whitening. I had all of this done in less than two weeks: I do have to return in 4 months for my implants. It was amazing to watch him make the crowns. Even more amazing, is that I was not in pain and could eat most anything without pain on my way home."
M.A, Pasco, Washington, USA

Dentist assistants with patientDental Assistants with Patient

Our Dentists

Our professionals have skills that meets American and Canadian standards. Our affordable dentists use a combination of proven techniques and state-of-the-art technologies and operate in the gentlest, most advanced manner possible. In their office:

  • A needed x-ray can be taken with Digital Radiology which reduces radiation by 80%. (If that's your choice, let us know.)
  • With their technology, you can watch the procedure on a computer screen.
  • A crown can be fitted, made, and placed in two hours.
"I have brought myself and now my daughter back to lakeside just to use the dentist's great affordable services. My daughter also thinks it is her best dental experience ever and had been afraid to even come here at first. His diverse skill and excellent communication makes even a gringo tourist feel at home. Their prices paid for our travels with only a few procedures."
Len, from Portland OR USA

Our dentists enjoy the best reputations in the large expat community on the shores of Lake Chapala. Our clients receive the treatment that they are accustomed to—but at prices they can afford.

All DocTours dentists have the requisite training, degrees, licenses, and credentials. Many received their advanced degrees from the Autonomous University of Jalisco at Guadalajara, one of the best in the Western Hemisphere with many recently completed facilities. Our dentists have experience in Mexico and abroad, membership in professional societies, attend conferences, and subscribe to journals. Some have published an article or have a local luminary as a patient.

By training, culture, and personality, they make you feel totally at ease. You'll feel comfortable asking questions any time. If you are bringing a friend or family member along, that person will be made to feel welcome and may join you during your consultation. Some insurers offer and some businesses purchase plans that cover medical tourism, some of which cover the cost (both travel and lodging!) of your traveling companion. (Ask your boss.)

In addition to dentists who practice general dentistry—including fillings, cleanings, crowns, veneers and aesthetic dentistry—we also have Periodontists who specialize in gum and bone disease, Endodontists who specialize in root canals, and Orthodontists who specialize in braces.

"I highly recommend the dentist. My parents have lived in lakeside since 1997. When I discovered a need for an implant and cost of Cdn$6000, I had Mom get a quote—less than Cdn$800. I flew down for the implant then again for the crown. The quality of the work and service provided leave me with nothing but high praise for this dentist. When freezing is required, the dentist is incredibly gentle with the needles. We barely felt them and his technique is better than my Canadian dentist's. My mother agrees with me."
Tina, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dentist with patientDentist with Patient

Our Guarantee

The most important of all our services is to connect you with the most competent practitioners—accomplishing that, we can guarantee. If an unexpected follow-up visit were to become necessary, for example, to trim a crown, there would be no charge for the second visit. Note that complications are as rare in Lake Chapala as anywhere in North America.

"I am so happy to be able to have my dental work done there. The dentist and his staff are very professional and kind."
Brigid, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Are You Ready?

Many patients have gone before you, taking a medical vacation in Mexico for their dental work, and with happy results. Let's choose the dentist who is right for you and figure out the price. Ready?

"Plasma was mixed with my bone graft material during the first surgery and then again when the implants were placed. This technique is supposed to reduce greatly the chance of rejection of these foreign posts implanted in my mouth. Well, it worked. I have never had such a quick, painless dental healing process."
Marybeth, Illinois USA
Dentist taking xraysDental X-rays

Our 7 Step Process

  1. Tell us which procedure(s) you need and what time frame you'd like to spend in Lake Chapala, bearing in mind many treatments require 10 days up to two weeks, on our Intake Form. Fill out the short dental health survey. We convey that information to the dentist that best suits your particular needs and determine the dentist's availability.

  2. We reply via email with:
    1. an estimate of the total cost of your all–inclusive package based on the cost of your treatment, presented in layman language, including any lab fees, plus your projected time as a guest with us;

    2. the dates our dentists are available to treat you—crown(s) take one appointment with Cerac technology (if that is your choice, let us know); root canals and dentures generally take more than one appointment; implants require three to four months between appointments to allow complete healing of the post before adding the crown, meaning two trips for the patient; and

    3. how much of the total price is needed as a down payment to reserve your appointment date(s).

  3. Respond with your choice of one of the available the dates—starting usually a month out from your initial contact (Step 1, above)—or request other dates. For acute situations, we try to have you be seen as soon as possible.

    You may want to arrive a day or two early to enjoy some fabulous meals before you have your dental work.

  4. To reserve your selected date(s), make a deposit. For details on the logistical services of DocTours, such as transportation, lodging, meals, etc, see the next section below. For information on our refund policy, see our Concierge Tourism Agreement, paragraph 11.
    Referring to the amount presented in Step (2c) of our correspondence, enter your down payment here: 
    To submit, click 
     Thanks. The availability of the dentist can change rapidly; a timely response locks in your preferred date.
  1. Upon receiving our confirmation, make your travel arrangements, to be sure to arrive in time. Forward us your itinerary. Make sure your passport has at least six months before it expires.

  2. Once you have become a patient, your dentist will want as much information as you can provide. Email your dental records and x-rays (in totally secure privacy). Bring them with you if your home dentist can't send them.

  3. The balance of your bill is due at your first appointment. At that appointment, your dentist performs a thorough oral exam, consults with you (in layman's language), provides the treatment, and informs you what he-or-she discovers (remember, x-rays may not tell the whole story). You may be good-to-go or your teeth may have more issues (e.g., need a crown). We will provide you our DocTours estimate and arrange the appointments, as above.

Due to the fees for using a credit cardor converting currency, we ask that you use PayPal again (as above) or transfer funds electronically or withdraw pesos. Your debit card is good at any Mexican ATM, even at a Mexican bank if it partners up with a US bank. Advise your bank that you will be using your cards in Mexico to keep them activated.

"I hate going to the dentist, so I have to really like and trust my guy; anesthesia is a must for major work. I have had extensive dental work in Mexico City and elsewhere. I found that many dentists are in favor of whatever procedures they do best (or most often), and say the other guys were always wrong. In reality, any of the options were viable—just different opinions. I have had great results with this dentist. All the lab work and actual making of teeth happens within his office. I didn't have to wait a month. Any final fitting adjustments are made right there in his office, no need to send it back to the lab, avoiding delays and errors. Each person has to go with the doctor they feel comfortable with, and the work that fits their budget and personal lifestyle."
Mia, Portland OR
Dental OperatoryReady and Waiting

DocTours Dental Services in Mexico

The overall price of your visit includes the treatment(s), plus our vetting of the dentists and our administrative work to ensure you have a completely positive and satisfactory experience with us. Clients receive lodging, two daily meals—breakfast, dinner, plus snacks—and ground transportation to and from the airport and your appointments. The English–speaking staff can create your home away from home where you can choose not to be left alone, from arrival to departure.

After your treatment, your dentist may prescribe medication. Also, you may wish to add extra services such as personalized transportation, a massage, a manicure, or meals delivered from a restaurant. These incidentals are not included in the main price. However, they cost far less in Mexico. Just relax and enjoy.

If you want to take a medical vacation, in Mexico you can find affordable and highly competent dentists, surgeons, and physicians. In addition to vetting DocTours professionals, we can suggest some of the most fun spots and activities on the Chapala Riviera. Olé!

"I got six fillings today and it went really well. The doc did great, gentle work, put me at ease, and only took 1-1/2 hours—all for $130."
Toni, ex-Californian

Two Treatments in One Trip

While visiting, you may want another Sentient Treatment—whereby we take into consideration all your needs; physical, mental and spiritual—such as our affordable stem cell therapy, anti-aging therapy, and HGH therapy. Learn more about medical tourism in Mexico and wellness travel in Mexico. If you enjoy traveling with another, please familiarize them with this site, too.

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