What to Expect, Traveling to Mexico for Dental Work

What to expect seeing a dentist in Mexico.
What to expect upon opening that door.

Do you need a root canal plus an escape from the 9-5 grind? Want to get some expensive surgery done and then recuperate among expats from home? The Lake Chapala riviera has become the ultimate destination to combine a vacation with dental work.

Doctors, dentists, and surgeons here offer top-quality services at comparatively low prices to American and Canadian clients.

What to Expect: Does Affordable and Reliable Go Together?

Certainly not. Medical costs in Mexico are a mere fraction of the costs in the States. Minor surgery can result in a few hundred dollars in savings, while major restorations can save thousands.

The same holds for food and lodging. And being nearby, Mexico is not expensive to fly to.

Mexican doctors and dentists are among the best in the world. These doctors and dentists have a combination of local and international training and experience. They satisfy the requirements of most any patient.

What to Expect in the Land of the Aztecs

The climate — a perpetual spring — is among the best in the world. The scenery of lake and mountains is lovely and uplifting. Just as exotic is the built environment of colorful homes and classic cathedrals. Keep your camera handy.

Another relaxing feature is you’ll be in the bosom of a small town with a large expat community of North Americans. The smallness means people are friendly and the only crime is petty and not at all common. The number of fellow visitors adds to the feeling of comfort and security.

What to Expect? Results — Let’s Go!

You know what treatment you need. Find out what the procedure costs down here. Learn what to expect from us, the facilitator. Get a feel for what your day with DocTours will be like. Get in touch and we’ll get the process started. Tell us when you can come, we’ll tell you when the caregivers are available, and we’ll make the two fit. Fill out the Contact Form. That step is free. Just remember to make sure your passport is up to date.

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