What Drives Tourism Growth? Medical Tourism at #1?

What Drives Tourism to Mexico is more than sun but also medical care
What Drives Tourism to Mexico is also quality, affordable, medical care.

Future Market Insights provides market intelligence and consulting to clients in over 150 countries. They’re headquartered in London, the global financial capital, with delivery centers in the US and India. Noticing a boom, they answer what drives tourism growth.

What Drives Tourism? The Key Factors

Tourists nowadays come in all flavors. Many vacationers intend to enjoy a particular activity:
* heritage tourism,
* cycle tourism,
* adventure tourism,
* ecotourism (green tourism),
* rural tourism,
* wildlife tourism,
* wine and food tourism,
* wellness tourism, and of course
* medical tourism, a big driver in the growth of tourism.
When people can pay, people will play. Indeed, tourism in all its guises is one of the world’s biggest industries. It’s even bigger than the oil industry.

All modes of transportation are on the rise. Ship cruising, train travel, air travel, and self-drives have increased. Changing scenery feeds the soul.

It’s not just young backpackers traversing the globe. Travelers of all ages are sightseeing and mixing in with distant cultures. Furthermore, employees of multi-national corporations tack vacation days onto their business trips.

What Drives Tourism? Patients Crossing the Border

On the other hand, when people can not afford the high prices in the States, or the long wait times in Canada, people will save money and time by vacationing south of the border.

Places like Mexico have responded to the demand from people who choose to heal on holiday. The government has made transportation easier. And communication, too. Cell phones and laptops are ubiquitous in plazas that once had silent statues and quiet fountains.

Plus, the private sector stepped up. The number of four- and five-star restaurants and places to stay have mushroomed. Further, companies like our own DocTours are in place to facilitate your using a vetted doctor or dentist or surgeon. Need a treatment now? Just get in touch.


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