Victory Over Virus Lets Tourists Visit Medical Mexico

During lockdown, nobody’s a tourist. Nobody’s going anywhere, not even for needed medical treatment. You might need one of the best doctors. Or an affordable dentist. But you can’t use the ones in Mexico.

Victory Over Virus Lets Tourists Visit Medical Mexico: one does

Meanwhile, what can one do about #covid-19?

– To avoid catching it, avoid people who have caught it. Avoid what they have touched. Yet healthy people can have the virus and not know it. So avoid everyone. And wear a mask when near others.

– If you catch the #virus? How do you get over it? Boost your #immune system. We can’t recommend any medicine or a vaccine. We can note certain mushrooms and vitamins make life difficult for viruses.

Victory Over Virus Lets Tourists Visit Medical Mexico: we do

What can your community do? Judging by what’s been reported to work elsewhere, a government can test and #quarantine. Anybody coming from where the virus is spreading, test them and quarantine anyone with symptoms. Since one can have it without knowing it, even quarantine those without symptoms for two weeks.

Take the tests to the people, don’t invite the people to crowd the hospitals. Besides testing in airports, you could test wherever people gather. To meet the need, clever medical equipment companies can improve and produce tests quickly. Testing and quarantining drastically impedes the contagion.

Of course, this isn’t foolproof. Some will get sick. Some have to get sick, develop #antibodies, then get well, to defeat an epidemic. For those seriously sick, provide ventilators in hospitals.

And #shut down the economy? Actually, we could without doing harm. Just apply laborsaving devices to actually saving labor. Then most of us would have shrunk our workweek to a workday long ago.

Soon’s we all see light at the end of the tunnel, take care of whatever ails you. Utilize the best medical professionals in Mexico. To arrange everything, contact DocTours.

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