Valentine’s Day Makeover: How to Spend Your Mexican Vacation

Valentine's Day Makeover starts with a smile
Valentine’s Day Makeover can rejuvenate one only so much!
Valentine's Day Makeover has a symbol of love.
This token is cute while a makeover can be spectacular.

Valentine’s Day Makeover: Such a Vacation!

Valentine’s Day Makeover: Why not? You could give a special someone a surprise — your husband, wife, a close friend. Most noteworthy, you’d give the whole world a new you. That could mean celebrating Valentine’s Day several times a year!

Consider that Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of winter. What better time to head south for a sunny vacation? You could stay long enough for cosmetic surgery, and take advantage of Mexico’s affordable plastic surgeons. In addition, enjoy the sights and activities of a warm climate and culture.

So far, more women than men avail themselves of the latest techniques that cosmetic surgeons have developed. Yet there are treatments that work just as well for males. One of the more popular procedures shrinks “manboobs”.

Valentine’s Day Makeover: the Mexican Conection

An undoubtedly popular way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is, of course, the physical union that life evolved billions of years ago — and never seems to get enough of 🙂 Most couples have figured out how to prevent recreational union from sliding over into procreation. Some partners use The Pill.

But I bet most don’t know that Mexican chemist Luis E. Miramontes, only 26 years old, was the first to synthesize the basic ingredient. It’s a progestin called norethindrone. He made the breakthrough at a pharmaceutical laboratory in Mexico City in 1951 on October 15. Miramontes worked with two American chemists at a Mexican company. All three have their names on the patent for the first contraceptive for oral use that’s economical and effective.

Much as America does, Mexico also celebrates Valentine’s Day, yet they call it the Day of Love and Friendship. They don’t restrict their acknowledgement of the human heart to only romantic love. Rather, Mexicans celebrate all kinds of affection.

Valentine’s Day Makeover in Mexico

Back to romantic love and prescribed tablets — all are vastly more affordable in Mexico. Same as outpatient plastic surgery here. If you’re to be a medical tourist for a Valentine’s Day makeover, let DocTours be your concierge. It’s a gift to yourself and every eye you catch.

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