Use Strong Dollars As a Medical Tourist to Mexico

Use Strong Dollars As a Medical Tourist to Mexico; Tickets low, too.
Use Strong Dollars As a Medical Tourist to Mexico says CNBC

Use #Strong Dollars As a #Medical Tourist to #Mexico–CNBC

While the dollar is strong, go abroad to heal on holiday. At the same time, international #airfares have come down slightly. Go take care of your teeth or whatever ails you, plus #save. Further, hire top #qualified #doctors, #dentists, and surgeons.

CNBC lists a few once-in-a-lifetime trips. One of their top destinations is Mexico. Our southern neighbor is tropical, affordable, and friendly.

American travelers, particularly “snow birds”, head south between December and April. Because of …
* the warm weather,
* cheap flights, and
* close proximity,
Mexico remains an especially popular destination. These days, a favorable exchange rate is the cherry on top.

Use Strong Dollars As a Medical Tourist to Mexico–Focus

Within Mexico, gringos congregate in several locations. Where’s the top of the top ten?

Those moving or retiring to Mexico consider:
* their ability to speak Spanish,
* proximity to “home”,
* #weather,
* their need for quiet or an active social scene, and
* access to #healthcare and so on.

They usually choose a more quiet place or a more historic place. Fitting that description are San Miguel or #Lake Chapala. The favorite of interviewed expats is the Lake Chapala riviera. Lakeside came in first with a hard-to-beat combination of weather, culture, and convenience.

A recent attraction is the valley’s “geographic safety”. It lies in the Mexican highlands between lake and mountains. Hence storms and hurricanes–or earthquakes for that matter–rarely affect the area.

Lake Chapala is also very #accessible. Nearby is the international airport of Guadalajara, Jalisco. That city is #4 on the list and under a half hour away. Major resort towns on the Pacific coast are Mazatlan, Sinaloa and Puerto Vallarta, Nayarit. They are numbers 7 and eight and a 4-5 hour drive away.

Of course, overall, I agree Lake Chapala is the best place to live.

Want to get well safely, affordably? Come to Chapala lakeside. Contact DocTours to arrange your appointment with our #vetted professionals.


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