To Medical Tourists: Mexico Healing Environment

To Medical Tourists: Mexico Healing Environment with sargassum.
To Medical Tourists: Mexico Healing Environment with seaweed.

Like most people, Mexicans care about the health of the environment. Mexicans also invent cutting edge technology. That combination reassures people considering becoming a medical tourist to Mexico.

To Medical Tourists: Mexico Healing Environment with a shoe

On many coastlines, seaweed is a curse. In recent years, hundreds of tons of sargassum have arrived on Quintana Roo beaches. Thereby the weed threatens both tourism and the environment.

One Mexican company removes the sargassum to use in footwear.

The firm Renovare had already experimented with PET plastic of bottles. After five years of trial and error, they obtained clothing-grade textile fibers.

Last year the company began working with sargassum. And about eight months ago, they came up with the shoe. Its sole has 100 grams of sargassum mixed with five recycled plastic bottles. Also, the firm can use the fibers to manufacture handbags, backpacks, and sportswear.

Not only is the product environmentally-friendly. The shoe is also water-resistant. Furthermore, a pair can last up to two years. Then the owner can return the shoes to Renovare for recycling.

To Medical Tourists: Mexico Healing Environment with a house

Several research centers have certified the manufacturing process. Those include the Center for Innovation Applied to Competitive Technologies (Ciatec). It’s an agency that operates under the National Science and Technology Council (Conacyt).

So far, the sargassum and recycled plastic shoe has not hit the market. Hence Renovare has been working to build demand. Their next step is to hire up to 150 people. Those new workers will turn out 20,000 shoes a month.

In the meantime, the company has to work out the means of collecting and processing the seaweed.

Renovare is not alone in having found something useful to do with the unwanted weed. A Puerto Morelos businessman has built a house with it. And now she is planning a sargassum-brick hotel in Tulum.

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