The Dental Tourist To Us In Mexico Was Fun Company

The Dental Tourist To Us In Mexico Was Fun Company with more to come.
DocTours and friends at dinner.

A recent client almost was not one. Due to a glitch in our website (since fixed by The Master), we did not receive their first outreach. Lucky for all concerned, the spouse took over and made a second attempt. Turned out to be one of their best dental experiences ever and one our funnest hostings ever.

The Dental Tourist To Us In Mexico Was Fun Company & A Big Saver

Already that client has made arrangements to return for more treatment in a few months. Of course, that means a second trip. Yet the cost of traveling plus the cost of treatment is still thousands less than treatment alone in the US.

Our dental patients can choose from all the usual procedures. If getting a crown, available are gold, zirconium, etc. With our dentist’s state-of-the-art equipment, our clients get a crown during the same appointment.

Our latest client chose to use our B&B services. Such a pleasure to host interesting people. People willing to visit another country for treatment tend to be more openminded. When they stay with us, and we get to know each other, the life stories that come out are fascinating.

The Dental Tourist To Us In Mexico Was Fun Company: Who’s Next?

Need a great dentist or doctor? Let us know ASAP. Because you want to know the total estimate right off the bat, right? Also, the earlier you reserve a flight, usually the cheaper it is.

Furthermore, the more lead time we have, the better we can serve you. Arrange appointments around the dates most convenient to you. Also, while here, you might like to participate in a local event that happens only once a year. A balloon race. An ancient crafts fair. A spiritual conference. Whatever. There’s plenty to do for everyone.

We eagerly await the chance to be your concierge—and to enjoy the stories and updates of our return clients. To get started, contact DocTours.

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