Teeth Regenerate From Stem Cells, a New Way for Mexico

Teeth Regenerate From Stem Cells, a New Way for Mexico to service you.
Teeth Regenerate From Stem Cells, a New Way for Mexico to some day help you heal on holiday.

The magazine Scientific American reports on progress in fighting #tooth decay: Teeth Regenerate From #Stem Cells, a New Way for #Mexico to service you. When researchers at last have the new technique ready for you, will the US FDA permit it? Will US prices have progressed lower? If “no” to either, will you visit Mexico?

Currently to save a tooth, dentists must further damage it. Dentists drill then fill. And the fill hinders healing.

Like skin, teeth can usually repair minor mishaps themselves. Stem cells are capable of becoming virtually any type of cell.

Certain drugs stimulate stem cells into action. Researchers discovered that a drug developed to treat Alzheimer’s also works in the tooth.

Stem cells located in the tooth’s pulp morph into different cells. In turn, these cells secrete new tissue. Usually only plants, salamanders, and starfish exhibit such regenerative superpower.

To apply the stimulant to the #cavity, researchers use a tiny sponge. Later, #dentists could:
* dissolve the drug in a gel,
* inject that into a cavity, then
* bathe it with ultraviolet light to solidify it.
Already dentists a use this quick and easy procedure to seal and repair teeth.

Researchers tested the technique on rats. It restored the rodents’ pearly whites to their former intact state. The joint where the old and new dentin meet is hardly visible.

However, adding innate stem cells to the body poses a risk of uncontrolled tissue growth. Experimental therapies have resulted in brain tumors and bones growing in eyelids.

But in this case, the amounts of drug used are quite tiny. The risk of unwanted growth is minimal. Some drugs that might work, the FDA already approves.

Coming clinical trials will identify the right drug and dose. Then will you come to Mexico to #save money and enjoy a vacation? We vet the best dentists and arrange everything. Contact DocTours to be your #concierge.


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7 thoughts on “Teeth Regenerate From Stem Cells, a New Way for Mexico”

  1. I need to know immediately whether you can help me regarding tooth regeneration as well as some gum regeneration all over my mouth.I would like to know if you would have the work done in Los algodones or further away like in Puerto Vallarta I really don’t care where it’s done I just need it done as soon as possible

  2. Hi, I come to Mexico for dental implants, but the doctors said that my jaw bone is very low that cannot hold implants. Now I heard about stem cells that they can repair or regenerate the missing bone. i am willing to do it wherever it is. I just need my smile back and be able to bite sandwiches as before.
    please let me know is that can be done soon, and if yes how will it cost. Thank you

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