Techno-Progress In Mexico Comforts Medical Tourists

Techno-Progress In Mexico welcomes doubters.
Techno-Progress In Mexico keeps expanding.

To round out one’s image of #Mexico, check out the impact of #techno-progress in the country. As technology spreads wider, Mexico becomes prosperous, like its neighbor to the north. Prices will rise and deals disappear. So visit before the window closes. Meanwhile, consider the evidence of progress.

Techno-Progress In Mexico At Talent Land

#Talent Land is a five-day education and tech show in #Guadalajara, Jalisco. Its slogan is “Changing the World with Talent”. Especially relevant, it brings young entrepreneurs closer to businesses and governments.

Most noteworthy, the speakers included:
* Sophia, a social humanoid developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics;
* Julio Alberto Ríos Gallego, presenter of the YouTube channel Julioprofe; and
* Kevin David Mitnick, who spent five years in US prison for hacking and such crimes.

Most of all, Talent Land offers 1,500 hours of lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. It’s the largest show of its kind in Latin America.

Furthermore, Talent Land hosts Robomath Challenge. It’s a mathematics and #robotics competition for primary and secondary school students.

The conference encourages students’ cognitive development of programming languages, as well as the formulation of hypotheses, the application of algorithms, and the design of machinery parts.

Techno-Progress In Mexico Wins In Ecuador

Six Mexican students came home from the #Robot Games Zero Latitude with eight medals. The international tournament is held in #Quito, Ecuador. Most noteworthy, in just five years, it has become the most important robotics competition in the region.

Especially relevant, the #National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) team came in second. They earned 59 points. The young men captured five gold medals, one silver, and two bronze,

The IPN students competed against more than 500 of their counterparts from all over the world in three intense days.

The mechatronics students won in:
* Mini Sumo RC category,
* three-pound combat category,
* Autonomous Mini Sumo, and
* 12-pound combat categories.

As a result, the five victories gave the IPN roboticists international certifications to join prestigious international robotics competitions.

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