Techno-Progress In Mexico Comforts Medical Tourists

Techno-Progress In Mexico welcomes doubters.
Techno-Progress In Mexico keeps expanding.

To round out one’s image of #Mexico, check out the impact of #techno-progress in the country. As technology spreads wider, Mexico becomes prosperous, like its neighbor to the north. Prices will rise and deals disappear. So visit before the window closes. Meanwhile, consider the evidence of progress. Continue reading “Techno-Progress In Mexico Comforts Medical Tourists”


Mexican Students Win at Contests Around the World

Mexican Students Win worldwide.
Mexican Students Win big after prepping themselves well.

Mexico has its share of clever kids, just like its developed northern neighbors. Probably every big population has similar portions of intelligent members. Recently, Mexican students reached these heights. Continue reading “Mexican Students Win at Contests Around the World”


Campus Party–Fun For Medical Tourists In Mexico

Campus Party--Fun For Medical Tourist visiting Mexico
Campus Party–Fun For Medical Tourists of all ages.

Are you considering coming to #Mexico to heal on holiday? Medical tourists find many #things to do, like enjoy a special event. Most noteworthy, last week you could’ve attended a Campus Party. This was the Guadalajara Technology Fair in Jalisco Mexico. Continue reading “Campus Party–Fun For Medical Tourists In Mexico”