Mexico Rates High 3 Ways for Medical Tourists

Every country has its plusses and minuses. In some ways, when Americans become medical tourists to #Mexico, they take a step up. Mexican #healthcare rates higher. Also, the Mexican president is more modest. Continue reading “Mexico Rates High 3 Ways for Medical Tourists”


Medical Tourists in Mexican-American Lifestyle: Enjoy!

Medical Tourists in Mexican  town watch the parade.
Medical Tourists in Mexican village have fun.

Ajijic on Lake Chapala is part retirement community. Because the Americans and Canadians are embarking on a new life, most are intent upon making friends. So it’s easy to strike up a conversation, learn the ropes, and be invited to parties. Continue reading “Medical Tourists in Mexican-American Lifestyle: Enjoy!”


Health of Mexican Babes Boosted by Invented Diaper

Health of Mexican babies based on bamboo.
Health of Mexican Babes–and Happiness–based on bamboo.

Health of Mexican Babes Better Without Rashes

A Mexican mom has invented a reusable diaper that stays out of landfills. The inventor, an interior design graduate, uses velcro straps and an adjustable elastic lining. Ixchel Anaya Meave, now 30, makes the diapers out of a bamboo-based fabric. It’s: Continue reading “Health of Mexican Babes Boosted by Invented Diaper”