Busy US Clinics Partner With Mexican Ones

Busy US clinic has partners south of the border.
Busy US clinic partners with Mexican colleagues.

Busy US Clinics in US Send Americans to Mexico

Two dental clinics in Chicago are the first ones to join a pilot program with Beyond Borders Dental to serve their patients who cannot afford dental treatment in the US.

US dental clinics often have a backlog of patients needing extensive care. Further, many wannabe patients cannot afford treatment. So a growing number cross the border to receive affordable dental care. In Mexico, dental tourists save up to 80%. Continue reading “Busy US Clinics Partner With Mexican Ones”


Thanks for Affordable Care — Abroad

Thanks for affordable care and holidays abroad
Thanks for affordable care and feasts

November 23rd. Tomorrow. Thursday. Thanksgiving. “Thankindians”.

Turkey Day. While glorifying in gluttony or not, one can give thanks for the fact that reality offers ways out of our problems. Can’t afford an American doctor or dentist? You can turn to medical or dental tourism. Continue reading “Thanks for Affordable Care — Abroad”