Super Bowl Tourism — Football & Healing on Holiday

Super Bowl Tourism is fun in a fun place.
Super Bowl Tourism does not miss a play or display.

Super Bowl Tourism — Viewing Flesh, Feeling Envious

Yesterday’s Super Bowl, February 5, was the best ever, albeit not the one most relevant to medical tourism. That would be Super Bowl XXXVIII, 2004. Even non-fans remember Justin Timberlake exposing the breast of Janet Jackson for a half second. The singers called it, euphemistically, a “wardrobe malfunction”.

Big news! A live boob on live TV before a live audience. As if nobody had ever seen a breast before, even a famous one. Famous women pose nude all the time.

Still, in the American culture, unforgettable — and unforgivable. The US government fined the TV network over a half million dollars, a record. So, if a boob corrupts the morals of children, what about ads and shows that show people eating junk food? Does that corrupt the diets of children? Should officials fine them, too?

Super Bowl Tourism — Viewing Models in the Tropics

Back to beauty and medical tourism. Did you get a good look at the broadcast breast? How’d you like to have a boob like that? Or two of them? Boob jobs is one of the main reasons that people take a cosmetic holiday. Tourists get gorgeous looks at just a fraction of what they cost in the home country of the Super Bowl.

As the Super Bowl further establishes itself as a national holiday in America, it’s becoming a very fun midwinter Sunday in Mexico. Tourists and snowbirds jam pack the bars and restaurants. Creates a hugely festive atmosphere.

Yesterday’s was especially pleasing for me. Not just because the older players won. But also because, victory was so hugely improbable that their comeback was historic. Since the score was so one-sided so late, many viewers had deserted the place. One could stretch out, get faster service, and the Mexican owner even offered drinks on the house. A fun time was had by all loyal enough to linger.

Super Bowl Tourism — Enjoy the Fun in the Sun

If it’s already too late for you to take a winter vacation this year, consider catching the Super Bowl in Mexico next year,
* on the beach,
* in the warmth,
* hearing waves amid the cheers.
And combine it with healing on holiday. Get dental work, medical treatment, or plastic surgery that friendly experts perform at prices you can afford.

You’d be in good company. Two-time Super Bowl MVP Bart Starr chose Mexico for treatment. So did hockey superstar Gordie Howe.

To set it up your visit for any season, contact DocTours.

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