Root Canal Alternatives for Medical Tourists to Mexico

Root Canal Alternatives for Medical Tourists to Mexico include an organic.
Root Canal Alternatives for Medical Tourists to Mexico include an oxide.

#Root canals now can use alternative #filler. Furthermore, one may prevent the RC treatment.

Since the early 1900’s, researchers have found strains of “streptococcus”, “staphylococcus”, and “spirochetes” in root canals. When you chew, these accumulated #toxins seep into the blood. They travel to weakened parts of the body. They can cause arthritis, heart disease, and joint disease.

A dead tooth lacks a vascular system. It does not receive blood which absorbs toxins. Thereby, antibiotics can not reach inside that tooth.

Root Canal Alternatives for Medical Tourists to Mexico: oxide

An alternative material to fill the canal in the root is #calcium oxide. Available for decades, it may kill most of the bacteria. The #US National Institutes of Health conducted a study:

… four dentists treated 79 cases. They filled roots with calcium oxide (either Biocalex or Endocal-10). They applied radio-opaque yttrium oxide.

After three years, they examined the teeth for comfort, function, and radiographic signs of healing. The success rate was 89%. The percentage of teeth retained in function was 98%. One tooth was lost due to fractures. These results are the same for conventional root filling materials.

Root Canal Alternatives for Medical Tourists to Mexico: organic

For people who don’t feel safe with root canals, there are #alternatives. One is having your dentist extract the bad tooth. In its place, your dentist can install an implant.

Of course, prevention is worth a pound of cure. When your body is home to harmful bacteria, those conditions damage your gums and teeth.

Some naturalists see benefits from using #wheatgrass. Wheatgrass, like plants in general, consists of #chlorophyll. That biochemical kills bacteria which detoxifies your body. That’s how, they say, wheatgrass can reverse cavities and heal gum disease. If you use wheatgrass, organic should be better.

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