Research Medical Tourism In Mexico’s Ajijic

Research Medical Tourism In Mexico's Ajijic , local scene
Research Medical Tourism In Mexico’s Ajijic, esp. prices.

First of all, if you’re reading this, you’re smart. You’re doing your due diligence. You are researching becoming a medical tourist. Quality healthcare abroad concerns you.

Especially relevant, you might like to know about the Joint Commission International. Most noteworthy, the JCI holds Mexican hospitals to the same standards as American hospitals. And only then accredits them.

Most of all, it’s America’s healthcare costs that force millions of sufferers to visit other nations. Furthermore, now Americans from the mid-South–a conservative region–go under the knife outside the US. Almost two million Americans will leave the US for medical procedures this year alone.

Research Medical Tourism In Mexico’s Ajijic: prices

They receive treatment at a fraction of the US price. Hence one Southerner got $33,000 worth of restorative dentistry for $17,000. Medical tourists find in-and-out procedures convenient. That’d be cosmetic surgery, light dentistry, etc.

Yet some travel also for major surgery. Because the time comes when one can no longer ignore chest pains. Then one:
– sees a cardiologist,
– learns they have blocked arteries, and
– needs open heart surgery.

In the US, bypass surgery costs between $115,000 and $500,000. If lacking insurance, that’s out-of-pocket. As a result, the bill frightens patients more than the illness.

To stay closer to home, millions of Americans choose Mexico. So they save 40% to 60%, even up to 80%.

Research Medical Tourism In Mexico’s Ajijic: lakeside

Many select the new hospitals and best doctors in Guadalajara. Or dentists in nearby Chapala lakeside. Crossing the hill above Chapala offers a spectacular view of the lake. It’s the largest in Mexico.

Ajijic is a small, colorful town between the blue lake and beautiful mountains. Because normally it’s springlike with breezes, the weather is perfect. Also the stores and boutiques of artists are unique.

Ajijic and the other towns around the lake are among the most popular places in Mexico for Snowbirds. It’s the HQ for our concierge service. We provide vetted doctors and dentists, lodging, and transportation. In conclusion, to arrange your affordable, accredited, compassionate treatments, contact DocTours.

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