Record Remittances & Medical Tourism Draw Mexican-US Economies Closer

Record Remittances & Medical Tourism Draw Mexican savings homeward
Record Remittances & Medical Tourism Draw Mexican savings more than ever.

Americans who vacation in #Mexico meet many #Mexicans who speak English. Because many Mexicans spend time working in the US. Due to working and #vacationing, neighbors get to know each other. And enjoy each other’s culture. Furthermore financially, gringos get to save on #medical and #dental care. Meanwhile, Mexicans get to save their wages.

Record Remittances & Medical Tourism Draw Mexican Savings More Than Ever

Most noteworthy, Mexicans working in America sent $28.771 billion to Mexico in 2017. That’s an increase of 6.6% over the 2016 figure of $26.993 billion.

Last December, #remittances totaled $2.604 billion. That was up 11% over 2016’s December.

Several factors drove the increase:
* high employment in the United States which included immigrants finding jobs,
* the peso’s decline in value relative to the #dollar, and
* of course, triumphant Trump trumpeting his rude rhetoric against #immigrants. Therefore, fearing deportation, many visiting workers sent more money home.

Setting politics aside for politeness, bear in mind all of us are, or descend from, immigrants. Also, setting courtesy aside for the bottom line, note that #immigrants increase the size of the destination economy. And the bigger the economy, the greater the prosperity for everyone in it.

Record Remittances & Medical Tourism Draw Mexican Savings Homeward

The average remittance amount was $308.

The state of Michoacán received the most remittances at $2.915 billion. Michoacán borders the south side of #Lake Chapala. The state of Jalisco was second with $2.797 billion. Jalisco borders the north side of Lake Chapala. Lakeside is where the biggest community of American and Canadian #expats sits. They live in and around #Ajijic. Across the mountain lies Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco and Mexico’s second biggest city. The state of Guanajuato, east of Jalisco, was third with $2.559 billion.

Mexicans remitted most often via electronic transfer. Such transfers reached 93.42 million. That was an increase of 2% over the year before. These statistics come from the Bank of México.

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