Public Health Pros Endorse Saving on Reputable Caregivers Abroad

Public Health Pros recommend medication vacations to others
Public Health Pros upbeat about healing on holiday

Public health professionals created Outbreak News Today. Their website focuses on news and information pertaining to disease. Last week they reported on Medical Tourism.

Public Health Pros: Healthcare Abroad is Reputable

Most of all, as a healthcare professional, quality of care matters to me. I am impressed with the quality now available in facilities abroad. So must be the many Americans who use highly trained healthcare professionals for complex procedures in other countries.

I have always been wary of regulations and oversight in overseas countries when it comest to healthcare. Yet in the new world order, things have changed. While you still need to be vigilant, ask questions, and do your research, there are very good, reputable alternatives.

By some estimates, nearly 1 million Americans every year seek healthcare treatments provided by professionals outside the United States.

Public Health Pros: the Patient Experience Abroad

Overseas healthcare facilities place greater importance on the patient experience. They realize there are obstacles to overcome when making a decision on traveling for treatment. Hence, delivering an exceptional experience is imperative.

Recovery seems better on vacation. If I can diminish even some of the anxiety I feel when having to gear up for testing to find out if my cancer has returned, it is valuable. Even better if I can turn it into something I actually look forward to rather than dread.

Extending a stay after a medical procedure is appealing to many people, myself included. More than enjoy exploring a new part of the world, we experience it in a different way. We get an understanding of the people and culture and even make lifelong friends. We consider it money well spent.

Public Health Pros: Abroad is Affordable Even for Uninsured

Many Americans have no choice but to seek alternatives to expensive healthcare.
The scenarios we’re familiar with:
* our aunt went to Mexico for wonderfully affordable dentures
* a co-worker is seeking alternative treatment that hasn’t won FDA approval.

Now insurance coverage is harder to come by. My deductible is higher than what was an out-of-pocket cost for a procedure. Fortunately, some insurance companies encourage their members to seek less expensive treatment overseas. Even large corporate employers [middle of the page] partner with health care facilities across the globe to cut premium costs for employees.

In the US, usually the patient does not pay the provider, the insurance company does. That’s why the consumer has fallen out of focus. The US healthcare system can learn a great deal from abroad.

Finally, whether insured or not, employed or retired, if healing on holiday is right for you, contact DocTours, your concierge in the biggest expat community of Americans and Canadians anywhere.


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