President’s Day in Mexico from an American’s POV

On Presidents Day in Mexico, let Trump endorse development
On Presidents Day in Mexico, let Trump endorse development.

Presidents Day in Mexico After the Trumph

Presidents Day in Mexico for Americans there is not just another day in paradise. This holiday (in 2017 it’s February 20) we recall the virtues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, etc. And we wonder, will the current officeholder join that pantheon?

He’s a Republican but not exactly Lincolnesque. President Abe opposed the American-Mexican War. General then Republican President U.S. Grant thought the US Civil War was punishment US aggression toward Mexico. Could the current chief executive feel — or show — remorse?

Full disclosure. Because the man is so rude to so many so non-stop,
* it surprised me he could find any business partners,
* then it shocked me he could become a TV personality,
* finally it stunned me he could win the toughest election there is without ever winning any election before.
Don’t manners matter in any of those fields?

Presidents Day in Mexico, Waiting for a Wall

Let’s turn to bedside manner. What does his victory mean for your health? His dealings with our neighbor to the south may throw a roadblock in the path of gringos seeking competent and affordable medical treatment in Mexico. At the same time, the way he and Congress deal with relentlessly inflating medical costs may leave gringos with no choice but to head south to hire a doctor, dentist, or surgeon. We’ll see.

About the border. Americans have long had an expression, “Good fences make good neighbors.” That may or may not be so, but it is a current in American society. Yet from the POV of the million Anglo-Americans in Mexico, is Trump going to throw us under the bus?

Bigger picture, that border is unique on planet Earth. It’s the only place where the First and Third Worlds meet. Japan has a surrounding sea. Western Europe has a sea and the buffer of Eastern Europe (the Second World). No other First World nation has to deal with a constant stream of millions of poor who are so numerous that many don’t assimilate. The forebears of the people already in America — whether from Ireland, Italy, Poland, etc — did all they could to become American.

Presidents Day in Mexico, Praying for Prosperity

Humans differ in their sense of enough is enough. It’s been said that the French welcomed blacks — dancer Josephine Baker in the 1920s, Miles Davis in the 60s, James Baldwin in the 70s. Yet when blacks became numerous in France, the welcome cooled. Humans are essentially conservative. Our species can accept only so much newness and strangeness. Personally, I like variety. But that’s my personality, not my morality. People who’re not as adaptable are not morally inferior.

That said, I still put tremendous weight on consideration of others, and on what works. The proposal of a wall is neither considerate nor practical. Far more practical would be to use American economic might to invest in Mexico and speed up its development. The current guy in the White House calls himself a businessman. If he could spread prosperity in every direction, President’s Day would be all his in my book.

Meanwhile, today is perfect weather here and ideal for medical tourism. Need some healing? To use a concierge, contact DocTours.


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