Popular Procedures For Medical Tourists To Mexico

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Popular Procedures For Medical Tourists To Mexico, cosmetic & dental

Over a million Americans seek medical care outside of the United States every year. It’s popularity has made the medical tourism industry worth billions of dollars.

Popular Procedures For Medical Tourists To Mexico: dental & cosmetic

People will travel to other countries for such popular as treatments as:
– dental work and
– hair transplants such as the FUE.
Both are quite safe and not major procedures.

Dental work includes:
– crowns,
– bridges, and
– implants.
Dentistry is particularly expensive in countries such as the United States. There the cost of even a single implant can be too high for most people. Furthermore, most insurance plans greatly limit what they cover each year. It is much more affordable to fly to another country for the dental work.

With hair transplants, another popular cosmetic procedure is VASER liposuction. Liposuction is the removal of fat from parts of the body. That leaves one’s appearance and shape more toned and attractive.

Other cosmetic work that medical tourists choose:
– eyebrow lifts,
– cheek implants,
– face lifts, and
– neck lifts.

Breast surgery is also popular. That can be breast lifts or augmentation. The augmentation is when surgeons place implants under a woman’s natural breasts. Doing that makes them larger.

Men may elect to have breast reduction surgery.

Medical tourists also select tummy tucks and arm lifts.

All these methods are relatively easily to perform. They provide good results for individuals. That is, they tone up the body and make clients look younger.

Popular Procedures For Medical Tourists To Mexico: alternatives

Insurance companies often do not cover the costs cosmetic work. That is one of many reasons that such procedures have become increasingly popular for medical tourists.

Provided one is careful, then go ahead and select a clinic and specialists.

A popular destination for Americans is the Lake Chapala riviera. Some of the best Mexican doctors and surgeons operate there. We vetted them. To arrange your visit, contact DocTours.

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