Plastic Surgery In Mexico Saves Americans Lots

Plastic Surgery In Mexico Saves Americans Lots in Chapala
Plastic Surgery In Mexico Saves Americans Lots of Money

Want to alter your appearance? But think you can’t afford to? Guess what. You can as a #medical tourist.

Medical tourism includes #plastic surgery along with other procedures. Most noteworthy, it’s growing worldwide by 15%-25% annually.

Most of all, each year 1.4 million Americans travel abroad for everything from knee surgery to dental crowns.

In 2017, 17.5 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in America. By far that’s more than any other country. Despite that, US surgery is the most expensive.

By traveling abroad, people #save 40% to 80%, depending on procedure and nation. Especially relevant, #Mexico is among the top five destinations of choice.

Plastic Surgery In Mexico Saves Americans Lots On These:

Women often go for:
* #breast augmentation, the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure, followed by:
* liposuction,
* eyelid surgery,
* rhinoplasty (nose jobs),
* abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), and
* breast lifts.

Men accounted for 13.8% of cosmetic patients. Their favorite procedures were:
* eyelid surgery followed by …
* gynecomastia (male breast reduction),
* rhinoplasty,
* liposuction, and
* hair transplant.

Do the research before you make a decision.

Plastic Surgery In Mexico Saves Americans Lots In Chapala

By Lake Chapala in Mexico, we carefully vetted the most reputable providers. We selected only those with track records of successful outcomes. Hence our surgeons:
* have extensive training in the complete spectrum of aesthetic procedures,
* are members of a recognized national and international plastic surgery society, and
* the surgical setting is #accredited or certified.
Furthermore, they and their staff #speak English fluently. Ask our surgeons questions. Use the phone, Skype, or email.

We do all possible to make your medical travel efficient and comfortable:
* airport pickup,
* pre- and post-surgery lodging, and
* specialized meals.
In addition, once you’re up to it, your healing on holiday can include sightseeing. Also, if you like, a visit to a spa.

Finally, post-op, you must do your part to let the wound heal. Keep it clean and spare your body the added stress of tobacco, etc.

More insurance companies cover elective surgery. So if you have insurance, ask them. To arrange your #affordable trip, contact DocTours.


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