Pill for Pets? Oral Contraceptive Now Tested on Dogs

Pill for Pets keeps their numbers down to manageable
Pill for Pets keeps cuties from going hungry.

Today is the anniversary of the first publication of the complete human genome. The draft appeared in the journal Nature in 2001 on February 15. By opening an infinity of new ways to heal ourselves, it was stupendously huge news for humans, but for dogs, not so much.

Sadly, many go unwanted. The Mexico City Health Secretariat estimates there are over 1.2 million street dogs in its 16 boroughs. The non-governmental organization Animal Heroes estimates there are 23 million throughout the country.

Pill for Pets? Mexican Scientists do the Research

In order to control the population of dogs that people neglect, Mexican researchers have been busy. Most noteworthy, scientists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and at the campuses of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UAM) are developing various contraceptives.

Sheila Irais Peña Corona works in the molecular biology and endocrine regulation laboratory of the UAM in Iztapalapa. She based the thesis of her master’s degree on creating a food product with contraceptive properties.

Her work builds on that of her supervisor, professor Héctor Serrano. He researches ways to implement of oral contraceptives within populations of bats, rodents, and pigeons.

Pill for Pets? A College Girl’s Contraceptive for Street Dogs

Peña adds a minimal dosage to pellet-shaped dog food. The contraceptive inhibits one or two estrous cycles in female dogs. Consequently, the adults can not have pups for a year at least.

Peña has treated fewer than 20 female dogs. Therefore, she says it’s too soon to announce the existence of a “contraceptive pellet”. Yet the results do show promise.

To administer the innocuous and non-invasive contraceptive, workers and volunteers would leave pellets in streets where dogs have become a public health issue. Since they constantly search for food, the dogs would find the pellets.

Pill for Pets? A Treatment for Humans

Due to two factors, common contraceptive measures are a challenge. Surgical sterilization requires qualified specialists and pre- and post-operative care. Furthermore, hormonal contraceptives have negative side effects.

Much as Peña did, other Mexicans have made breakthroughs, too:
* a team of two co-eds, and
* a team of three high school co-eds (toward the bottom of the page).
* Furthermore, Luis E. Miramontes, developed The Pill for humans.

No matter what drug — or treatment — you may seek, consider Mexico, home of the International Laboratory for Human Genome Research. You can save immense amounts and receive topnotch healthcare. Contact DocTours for more information.


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  1. Hi to everyone that is doing things to help dogs,cats,etc. Animal lovers…..you are the best. I need this in Houston Texas. A lot of strays in my neighborhood. I can give these to them. Please let me know if you can.

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