Packing List for Medical Tourists to Mexico

Packing List for Medical Tourists to Mexico: 10 + 1
Packing List for Medical Tourists to Mexico: 10 Basics.

#Medical tourism offers Americans a viable solution for unaffordable healthcare. Here’s a list of what to take while healing on holiday.

#Packing List for Medical Tourists to #Mexico: #Documents and Paperwork

1. Medical Papers: Send your medical papers and records in advance. If not, bring them.

2. #Passports and #Visas: Ordering a passport to replace an expired one may take weeks. Check the rules for passports and visas of the country you plan to visit. For most Americans, that’s Mexico.

3. #Currency: Exchange some currency ahead of time. Get bills in smaller denominations for cabbies and other low cost items. Later you may find a better rate at your destination. Also, some debit cards do not charge exchange fees.

Let your #credit card companies know where you will be. Then they won’t block a transaction.

Packing List for Medical Tourists to Mexico: After Care

4. #Medication and Pain Relievers: Ask your foreign doctor about the availability of drugs you take. Bring prescribed medicines that may be harder to fill. Usually, however, many are over-the-counter in Mexico.

5. Products: It’s unlikely you would ever need common items in Mexico. However, a worrier may pack wound dressings, gauze, scissors, and band-aids.

Packing List for Medical Tourists to Mexico: Miscellaneous Items

6. Clothing: Besides packing for the local #climate, you may need more if staying in a hospital setting. Patients typically choose pajamas with buttons in the front and a robe.

7. Food: Abroad, you eat different foods and spices. Have on hand medicine to treat an upset stomach. Tablets travel better than liquids and gels.

8. #Insect Repellant: Tropical destinations often are popular with bugs, too, especially if it’s the rainy season.

9. Comforts from Home: Do you have favorite pillows, slippers, and even bed linens? Then don’t leave them behind.

10. Emergency Contact Information: Write down your doctors’, hospital’s, and hotel’s names, phone numbers, and addresses.

Ready to come? Bring a friend. Contact DocTours to arrange everything.


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