Osteoporosis In The Sights Of Medical Tourists To Mexico

Osteoporosis in the Sights of Medical Tourists to Mexico
When your bones re-absorb more of themselves than renew themselves

Osteoporosis–the bane of medical tourists and others seeking relief.

Osteoporosis In the Sights of Medical Tourists To Mexico: the disease

Some of your cells form #bone, others #resorb bone. When in balance, these two cell types allow constant bone turnover. That maintains healthy and strong bones.

When you age, your former cells slow down. Yet the resorbers keep playing their role. Then your bones lose mineral #density. They become weak and prone to fracture. That’s #osteoporosis.

To restore balance, current medicines inhibit the resorbing cells. However, take those drugs long enough, and your bone cells no longer turn-over. You end up with same #weak bones you were trying to avoid. Plus other side effects.

Recently, researchers have made progress. Instead of deactivate adult resorbers in bones, they deactivate precursor resorbers in their crib.

Osteoporosis In the Sights of Medical Tourists To Mexico: the therapy

Scientists identified the protein that finds where #precursors hang out. That protein then triggers baby resorbers to grow receptors for proteins. Researchers already had several chemicals that tell resorbers to not leave their nest. Scientists get the seeker protein to carry the mail–the don’t-leave-home chemical. So precursors stay in their playpen with nothing to do.

When more resorbers are needed, the patient cuts back. This new targeted treatment fine tunes the number of resorbers recruited from their reservoir to the bone matrix. OTOH, existing therapies block #osteoclast activity everywhere.

Out in the world of bones, the number of formers and resorbers stays in balance. Resorption never exceeds normal. Bones renew, stay fresh and strong. The chance of a #broken bone goes down.

If history repeats, the new therapy will win approval outside the US first and cost much less outside the US, too. When that day arrives, become a medical tourist to Mexico. Meanwhile, do you need to save big on the best doctors and dentists? Contact DocTours to arrange your visit to the Chapala area.

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