One of Best Countries For Medical Tourists: Mexico

One of Best Countries For Medical Tourists: Mexico, more than others.
One of Best Countries For Medical Tourists: Mexico, not US.

Are you a medical tourist looking for a country to visit? Consult the Global Retirement Index. It scores the 25 best. The top six countries offer world-class care, first-rate service, that’s affordable.

In these countries you’ll find:
– highly trained doctors,
– clean, excellent hospitals, and
– low prices.
Costa Rica and Mexico are tied for fifth place.

One of Best Countries For Medical Tourists: Mexico– advantages

Mexican healthcare generally costs half or less what Americans pay staying at home. Same goes for prescription drugs.

Many doctors and dentists receive at least part of their training in the US. Similarly many US doctors have trained in Mexico, notably in Guadalajara. Many of them continue to go to America or Europe for on-going training. Most doctors speak at least some English, with many quite fluent.

Guadalajara has several first-rate hospitals. For serious medical conditions, you can get good-quality medical care, including:
– dialysis,
– major surgery…even
– live-in, 24-hour care.
Costs are significantly lower in all specialty areas. They’re often 33% to 50% the cost of similar services north of the border.

One of Best Countries For Medical Tourists: Mexico–others

The #2 nation is France, the world’s favorite tourist destination. France receives 80 million foreign visitors each year. France is the only first-world country in the top six.

The World Health Organization rates French healthcare highly. Life expectancy averages 85.7 years for women, 80.1 for men. France provides people with long-term illnesses like cancer or MS free healthcare and medicine. The WHO ranks the US at #34.

The #1 nation is Malaysia. The Joint Commission International certifies 13 Malaysian hospitals. At them you don’t need an appointment to see a specialist. Also, you don’t need a referral from a GP. It’s as simple as waiting in line to see your specialist of choice.

If you want a top country that’s nearby, visit Mexico. Near Guadalajara is Lake Chapala’s riviera. There we vetted the best doctors and dentists. Contact DocTours to arrange all.


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