News Case Inc Covers Dental Tourism In Mexico

News Case Inc Covers Dental Tourism In Mexico: benefits
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In 2018, almost 800,000 to 1 million Americans crossed the border with Mexico to get #dental care. They went to #save money. And to get professional care as good as anywhere. They may be in pain and came for dental health. Or they may seek cosmetic dentistry.

News Case Inc Covers Dental Tourism In Mexico: benefits

There are good reasons why each year more Americans become dental tourists to Mexico.

1. They can save lots of money. Here are just two comparisons. A dental #crown in the US typically costs about $1,200; in Mexico it’s $250. Full false teeth can cost up to $5,000 in US and roughly $600 in Mexico. On average, dental care is about 80% less expensive in Mexico than in the US.

2. Furthermore, if the patient needs #medication, that costs far less in Mexico, too.

3. The lower cost doesn’t indicate lower #quality. Many people believe that higher price equates to higher quality. Sometimes that is true but not always. In Mexico, highly competent dental care costs less due to the lower cost of living, of leasing facilities, and of compensating assistants.

4. Additionally, Mexico is nearby with easy access.

News Case Inc Covers Dental Tourism In Mexico: dentists

To choose the best Mexican dentist, perform an online investigation. Raise these points:

1. Does the Joint Commission International certify the Mexican dentist?

2. Does s/he utilize the best materials from porcelain crowns to metal posts for false teeth?

3. Does their building use filtration systems to ensure the #water is pure and healthy?

4. Is their workplace spotless?

5. Does the dentist #guarantee their work?

Here on the shores of Lake #Chapala, many gringos come for the perfect climate, lovely scenery, friendly people, good restaurants, the art and music scene, and much else. It has some of the best dentists in Mexico. And it’s a fine place to recuperate.

Does it all sound inviting? Do you want to take advantage of Mexican dentistry? Contact DocTours to arrange your appointments, etc.

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