New Media Cover Dental Tourism to Mexico

New Media Cover Dental Tourism to Mexico to save.
New Media Cover Dental Tourism to Mexico at the border.

TruthOut is the latest news outlet to cover medical and dental tourism to Mexico. Also, that news site is where I used to be a regular contributor. That was back during the last Mayan calendar.

New Media Cover Dental Tourism to Mexico: the Border

Their article noted that every day, thousands of American “refugees” cross the border. South of the border, they can afford quality care. That’s dental, medical, vision, and prescription drugs at amazingly fair prices.

In sum, more “medical refugees” flee the high prices and suffering of the US health care system, while fewer real refugees flee the poverty and oppression in Central America. In 2018, roughly 20,000 to 60,000 refugees from Mexico and Central America crossed the border each month. At one Arizona crossing alone, nearly five times as many Americans crossed the opposite way. The Latinos seek higher wages (don’t we all?). The Americans seek lower prices (don’t we all?).

Once in America, not all Latinos feel totally secure. But once Americans are in Mexico, they are made to feel welcome. Mexicans greet the gringos with warmth and good cheer.

New Media Cover Dental Tourism to Mexico: Broken Coverage

In Canada, many people don’t want to endure months of pain before they can see a free dentist. They can visit a Mexican dentist without much delay. In America, many people lack funds or insurance.

Even Americans who pay for insurance have plans that cover minor procedures but not major ones. In the US, crowns, root canals, and implants can climb into the five figures. In Mexico, you knock two thirds off the cost, even 80% less.

US dentists also must purchase malpractice insurance. If accepting a patient’s insurance, the dentist must get through to a rep, make sure the patient does have benefits, and calculate a co-pay. The process gets so complicated, some dentists don’t accept it.

Want the best doctor or dentist at a price you can pay? Visit Mexico. Contact DocTours to arrange everything.

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