New Big Business Copies Our Name & Logo

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The name, the stethoscope, both are catchy enough to copy.

You know the saying: Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery. So I suppose we should feel honored. Seems like we’ve been doing something right. Because a big corporation is using our name and our logo idea. Do you think the copyright on our originality will hold up?

New Big Business Copies Our Name & Logo in medical tourism

First of all, a travel entrepreneur founded our namesake. Most noteworthy, she has won backing from big investors:
– the former CEO of Expedia, Erik Blachford;
– Texas billionaire and CEO of holding company Cathexis, William Harrison; and
– Charles Cogliando of Mosaic Advisors.

For sure they’re entering a lucrative market. Most of all, medical and dental tourism is a $439 billion global business. Especially relevant, it grows 25% per year. Hence in 2018, 14 million patients sought healthcare abroad.

The cost of care in the US keeps climbing. Consequently for patients, traveling makes sense. Savvy gringos visit the best facilities charging the lowest cost.

Also some companies that insure their employees pay them to become medical tourists. One example is Walmart. They send their workers abroad to receive appropriate care.

In addition, gringos travel for everything …
– from dental work and Lasik,
– to stem cell therapy and in vitro fertilization,
– including cosmetic and weight loss surgery.
In conclusion, sufferers no longer have any reason to limit themselves to where they live.

New Big Business Copies Our Name & Logo: and partner nation

Finally, one finds in Mexico practitioners offering world-class healthcare. Furthermore, at affordable prices.

Compare the cost of procedures in Mexico with the cost in The States. Compare Mexico’s wait time with Canada’s. With DocTour’s you save time and money. Plus enjoy high quality medical and dental treatment.

We at the original DocTours connect clients with the best professionals. Our nurse inspector vets our doctors, dentists, and surgeons. The Joint Commission International accredits our physicians (and America’s). Ours have trained or worked in Mexico, America, or Europe.

We arrange your appointments, provide ground transportation, and host you in our facility. Soon’s you’re ready, contact the original DocTours.

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