Nano Bits Carry Cures Note Medical Tourists To Mexico

Nano Bits Carry Cures Note Medical Tourists To Mexico.
Nano Bits Carry Cures Note Medical Tourists To Mexico: anti-plaque

Cutting-edge medical research occurs outside America, too. A young woman Mexican scientist was nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine. Tessy created a breakthrough in nanotechnology. Also Mexico sometimes leads in adopting new therapies. Here are two on the cusp that should become available soon somewhere.

Nano Bits Carry Cures Note Medical Tourists To Mexico:anti-plaque

#Strokes and #heart attacks result from dead or dying cells sticking to blood vessel walls. Then white blood cells don’t remove the #plaque. Narrowed arteries make hearts overwork. Further, some plaque breaks off, rides upward, and blocks blood to the brain.

Unfortunately for plague, it attracts a new nanoparticle which delivers drugs right on target. The visiting molecule tells white cells to get busy. Now consume the debris, like good buzzards!

Next steps are to use the nanoparticle–shaped like a tube–on large animals then human tissue.

Nano Bits Carry Cures Note Medical Tourists To Mexico: tubes

In our #cell nuclei, most of our genomic code sits and intracellular processes occur. So getting medicine inside the nucleus is key. So far, researchers have used viruses to deliver drugs. But that method is often impractical and risky.

To replace viruses, researchers invented #nanotubes. They ferry drugs into the nucleus. These polymersome tubes are flexible, about 60 nanometers long.

Like a doorman, nuclear membranes don’t just let in any chemical. So the new nanocontainers mimic natural, safe compounds that enjoy a pass. The polymersome membranes wear chemical signals that disguise their artificial nature. Ironically, some viruses–friendly or not–use the same strategy.

The medicines that nanotubes insert into cells could help defeat many diseases. Currently, some diseases are not easy for doctors to treat. Nano to the rescue!

Once nano ferries prove their effectiveness, look for them in Mexico. There you save. Want to save on state-of-the-art treatments? We vetted the best Chapala lakeside doctors and dentists. To arrange appointments and your stay, contact DocTours.


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