Most American Medical Tourists Visit Mexico

Most American Medical Tourists Visit Mexico and save.
Most American Medical Tourists Visit Mexico for good reasons.

Around 1,200,000 medical tourists utilize Mexico to undergo health treatments. That growing figure puts Mexico in second place. (Thailand in heavily-populated Asia currently occupies first place.)

Medical tourists to Mexico come from all over the world. Most of those who visit Mexico for treatment–eight out of 10–come from America. Healthcare in the US–the land of lawyers–costs an arm and a leg.

Most American Medical Tourists Visit Mexico: Here’s Why

Usually medical tourists visit Mexico to fix their teeth. Mexico is tops in attracting foreign patients for dental work. Other ailments visitors address are:
– heart disease,
– lung diseases,
– diabetes, and
– organ and tissue transplants.
Also, people go for gastric bypass surgery.

Americans need high-quality treatment at a better price. In the United States, whatever treatment one needs costs about twice as much. For example, the placement of a gastric sleeve costs about $8,900, or 46% less in Mexico. Another good deal is rhinoplasty. In Mexico the charge amounts to $ 3,800. That’s well below the $ 6,500 it’d cost in a US hospital. Furthermore, if Americans have insurance, often their insurer won’t cover these kinds of procedures.

There are two more main reasons Americans travel to Mexico
1, the proximity of both countries. Thereby, destinations are nearby and air routes are plentiful.
2, the same international accrediting agencies qualify the doctors and facilities in Mexico as in the US.

Most American Medical Tourists Visit Mexico: Happening Now

Medical tourists each year spend $23 billion in Mexico. That figure is about how much all other tourists spend in the Aztec nation.

So far, most medical tourists utilize the border states. However, more and more head to the interior. For instance, near Lake Chapala, one finds the top doctors, hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers.

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