More Big Press On Dental Tourism To Mexico

More Big Press On Dental Tourism To Mexico where patients trust dentists.
More Big Press On Dental Tourism To Mexico where gringos save big.

More media cover dental tourism to Mexico, even the US business press. CBS Marketplace’s Andy Uhler wrote a series on US-Mexican business. His last article is about gringos who go south to fix their teeth.

More Big Press On Dental Tourism To Mexico to Save

Of course the big reasons gringos go south of the border is savings. When they retire, many people need a lot of dental work. Many Americans don’t have dental insurance. Many Canadians don’t want to wait for months. Both patients are motivated to visit Mexico.

In the US, two root canals and a crown cost thousands of dollars. In Mexico, one American got those procedures for $350. And returned home happy.

To get a few implants, a US dentist wants like $25,000. A gringo can visit Mexico and get it all done for around $3,500. Of course they go back happy.

More Big Press On Dental Tourism To Mexico With Confidence

One hears gringos say they trust their Mexican dentist. More enthusiastic patients claim their Mexican professional is the best they’ve ever been to.

While some US dentists do not like the competition, if they are competent, they should rest easy. There are plenty of patients to go around. Americans with more money can afford to stay home. Others don’t like to travel. Furthermore, some treatment–like implants–require repeated appointments. And some people are not in a position to take a couple vacations in one year.

Most people think medical/dental tourism is something new. It’s not. Some Americans of 60-plus years know no other way of receiving dental treatment.

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