More American Medical Tourists In Mexico Than Ever

More American Medical Tourists In Mexico Than Ever; virtue triumphs.
More American Medical Tourists In Mexico Than Ever, despite all.

More American Medical Tourists In Mexico Than Ever; Forget Politics

Forget the news media and politics. #Mexico remains the most popular country for Americans to visit. Indeed, visitation is climbing.

The 35 million Americans who traveled to Mexico in 2017 were 12.4% over 2016. By comparison, just over 14 million went to Canada. Furthermore, fewer than 16 million went to Europe.

Most noteworthy, airlines, cruise lines, and hotels continue to invest in Mexico. Fo example, low-cost Mexican airline #Volaris serves the coastal hotspots. Plus, it also offers non-stops to #Guadalajara near #Lake Chapala. Volaris has a codeshare with Frontier.

Americans go for:
* #affordability,
* closeness, and
* healthcare.

Especially, in 2017, 1.4 million Americans went abroad for treatment:
* #dental work,
* cosmetic surgery,
* fertility treatments, and
* bariatric surgery.
In addition, the icing was leisure.

More American Medical Tourists In Mexico Than Ever; With Blockchain Expect More Still

#Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger. Records and transactions are stored as blocks of data. Being connected, they form a blockchain.

The records and transactions are encrypted. Each user has a key. Each participant’s identity undisclosed.

Blockchain helps pre-travel logistics, record exchange between healthcare providers, and payment.

Many American tourists take advantage of #high-quality #medical care in other countries. #Medical tourism industry is worth around $100 billion already. Especially relevant, it keeps growing.

Cryptocurrencies and their blockchain roots will be a new way to transfer payment. Furthermore, not only money but also transfer records. When it’s necessary to convert currency, the system does it automatically.

Using a cryptocurrency to pay for treatment abroad would make the process smoother. Also, not to mention the savings of money. Therefore expect more people to become medical tourists.

Even before using blockchain or cryptocurrency, medical tourists are using customary email and electronic transfers of money. So those are two are not obstacles to medical tourism. Do you need to heal your teeth or other body part? And to save? And use the best dentists and doctors? Contact DocTours to use our vetted pros.


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