Migration From US To Mexico Greater Than Vice Versa

Migration From US To Mexico Greater Than Vice Versa to Ajijic.
Migration From US To Mexico Greater Than Vice Versa, deep into Mexico.

Migration From US To Mexico Greater Than Vice Versa: how many?

The flow of migrants from America to Mexico is probably larger than vice versa, says the Washington Post.

Mexico’s statistics institute estimates that the US-born population in this country has reached 799,000. That’s roughly a fourfold increase since 1990. The US Embassy thinks it’s actually 1.5 million or more.

Around 75% of immigrants to Mexico come from America. That outnumbers the migrants from Central America. Local authorities know little about the needs of their largest immigrant group.

Many of the Americans are probably undocumented. They overstay their six-month “tourist” visas. But the government rarely pressures them to update their documents. Typically, violators pay a small fine.

In central Mexico, about 10,000 Americans live in San Miguel de Allende (10% of the population) and 20,000 on the Lake Chapala riviera (the HQ of DocTours). A few hours from Lake Chapala, 35,000 Americans live in Puerto Vallarta. Near PV in Sayulita, expats savor views of the Pacific Ocean from homes on Gringo Hill. Mexico City’s trendy Condesa neighborhood has many Americans. Guitarists who stroll outside the cafes ask for tips in English.

Migration From US To Mexico Greater Than Vice Versa: once here

The American immigrants pour money into local economies. Some renovate historic homes. Others donate to charities, changing the dynamics of Mexican classrooms.

Most Mexicans warmly welcome their American and Canadian immigrants. In Ajijic, each year the mayor delivers a speech to the Lake Chapala Society. It’s in English as are his answers to questions.

Gringo expats are not just retirees. There are also younger workers. Many are tech workers who are location independent.

Technology and NAFTA have both paved the way to make expat life comfortable in Mexico. For the things they can’t find in stores, expats just buy off Amazon.

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