Mexico’s Docs and Parks Attract ~Million Medical Tourists

 Mexico's Docs and Parks Attract ~Million Medical Tourists, like one in DF.

Mexico’s Docs and Parks Attract ~Million Medical Tourists like Chapultepec Park.

Most noteworthy, each year Mexico attracts hundreds of thousands of medical tourists. Most of the patients come to save money on top quality treatment. Another attraction is a park that won best-in-the-world status.

Especially relevant, Americans and Canadians seek affordable and competent:
– medical procedures,
– dental care, and
– cosmetic surgery.
Roughly 60% of these medical tourists receive dental care. Another 15% travel for cosmetic surgery. The remainder mainly travel for:
– orthopedics,
– bariatrics (weight loss procedures),
– optometry,
– IVF, and
– other services.

The number of US citizens going each year ranges from 800,000 to a million. Yet that estimate excludes thousands of non-citizens and undocumented immigrants.

Mexico’s Docs and Parks Attract ~Million Medical Tourists: cost

A dental procedure that would cost $16,000 in the US could cost $4,000 in Mexico. Thus that difference saves a patient about $10,000.

A medical tourist saves from 40% to 70%. Most noteworthy, the high end is more common. Indeed, savings can be even greater.

Also, many Americans have discovered they’re under-insured even after the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). Of course, the act covers the citizen. However, insurance companies use workarounds. That leaves patients to pay lots.

Mexico’s Docs and Parks Attract ~Million Medical Tourists: nature

In addition, besides providing savings and quality care, Mexico offers other attractions, too. One is Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park. The capital city is notorious for its air pollution. Yet despite that blemish, the World Urban Parks Association named those woodlands 2019’s “Best Urban Forest in the World”. Because the International Large Urban Parks Gold Award considers:
– history,
– culture,
– providing recreation,
– biodiversity”, and
– environmental significance.
Chapultepec Park may be the capital’s most valuable space.

About a half day’s drive from Mexico City is Lake Chapala. Its riviera offers medical tourists its own attractions. Some of them are:
– kayaking,
– biking in a bike lane,
– hiking to a mountain waterfall, and
– yoga.
Another are the restaurants. One of the best is totally organic.

Furthermore, a big new hospital in Guadalajara is world-class. Hence to benefit from these advantages, contact DocTours to arrange your visit.

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