Mexico’s Abandoned Greenhouses May Dry Healthy Food

Mexico's Abandoned Greenhouses are a ready resource.
Mexico’s Abandoned Greenhouses may get a second lease on life.

In #Mexico, many growers have abandoned their #greenhouses. They gave various reason:

* At some locations, the climate was not suitable.
* Some owners lacked, information, training, and experience about how to use them. To raise plants indoors successfully, the grower must control the micro-climate. The air quality, humidity, and solar radiation depending on the time of year all effect outcome.
* Another complicating factor was commercial mismanagement.
Researchers estimate 75% of greenhouses failed and are available for other uses.

The Renewable Energy Institute (IER) is part of the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM). Scientists there have developed a new system that works by capturing and storing #solar energy. Furthermore, it controls the amount of air that is allowed to circulate in the greenhouse. Doing that regulates #temperatures inside the greenhouses.

Mexico’s Abandoned Greenhouses May Dry Food for Health

These researchers have proposed a new use for the huge number of abandoned greenhouses across the country. That is, modify them for use as solar dryers for plants. In another words, #dehydrate fruit, vegetables, flowers, and #medicinal plants.

The aim of the process was not simply to dry a product. Also, the process had to preserve most of its properties. Especially relevant, conserve its components and nutrients.

In addition to dried fruits and vegetables, there are other dehydrated products. They include:
* jams,
* chiles, and
* medicinal plants that can be turned into nutritional powders.

Additionally there’s another use part from drying produce. Also one could use the modified greenhouses to grow crops in controlled climatic conditions.

Mexico’s Abandoned Greenhouses May Find a New Use Soon

Now that the technology is available, the UNAM scientist intend to take the next step. They are headed to the fields of Mexico. Ultimately, they expect to demonstrate commercialization of dried products.

As do the two major nations to the north, Mexico also strides forward technologically. And they figure out ways to turn bitter lemons into lemonade. It’s a process that a medical tourist may view up close in person. If you’re coming south to save on competent doctors and dentists, contact DocTours to be your concierge. We’ll make all your arrangements.

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