Mexico Rates High 3 Ways for Medical Tourists

Every country has its plusses and minuses. In some ways, when Americans become medical tourists to #Mexico, they take a step up. Mexican #healthcare rates higher. Also, the Mexican president is more modest.

Mexico Rates High 3 Ways for Medical Tourists: Modest

President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) waited five hours in the airport. Due to weather conditions, his plane sat on the ground. Nevertheless, AMLO repeated his vow to eschew private planes and fly with the people.

Once taking office, he intends to sell the presidential plane, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. He said taking a luxurious plane would embarrass him. He added the time is over for bragging, show-off, and arrogant politicians.

Mexico Rates High 3 Ways for Medical Tourists: Friendly
Mexico Rates High 3 Ways for Medical Tourists: Healthcare

Mexico Rates High 3 Ways for Medical Tourists: Healthcare

From modesty to healthcare. Each year Bloomberg analyzes almost 200 economies.

The US had the second-highest spending on healthcare at $9,536 per-capita and $28k per family. In other countries, people lived as long Americans and spent a lot less (e.g., Czechia). Or paid almost as much and lived much longer (four years extra in Switzerland). Over two dozens countries beat the US life expectancy of 79 years.

Bloomberg ranked the US 54th in a tie with Azerbaijan, right after Russia. The top nation in the Western Hemisphere was Canada at #16. The only other nation in the Americas in the top twenty was Mexico at #20.

Mexico Rates High 3 Ways for Medical Tourists: Friendly

Effective, affordable healthcare is one reason #expats favor Mexico. A recent poll by InterNations of 18+k expats rated Mexico 4th popular. Expats in Mexico claimed to be the happiest. Also they found Mexicans the most #friendly hosts. The average age of expats in Mexico is 55 and almost half of them are Americans.

Expats in the US painted a different picture. Due to healthcare and other costs, they rated the US 47th.

Anyone unable to #afford US healthcare can use #certified #doctors and #dentists in Mexico. We vetted the best in Chapala lakeside. Contact DocTours to arrange you visit.


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