Mexican Wins IUCN Prize–Medical Tourists Can See Why

Mexican Wins IUCN Prize--Medical Tourists Can See Why: award winner
Mexican Wins IUCN Prize–Medical Tourists Can See Why: successful projects.

We humans enjoy better health when our environment does. Prominent environmentalists are active in Mexico, like elsewhere. Medical tourists to Mexico can witness their work. Some Mexican “greens” receive major accolades.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature awarded a Mexican cinematographer its prize for excellence. The IUCN keeps and updates the Red List of Threatened Species. They have promoted conservation for over 70 years.

Manfred Meiners won their annual honor. He contributed the most among this organization’s thousands of members. He’s from Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city.

Mexican Wins IUCN Prize–Medical Tourists Can See Why: deeds

Meiners is also a photographer and a scuba diver. He was first to photograph otters in Jalisco’s La Vega Dam.

Meiners documents the success of humble communities. Those campesinos work with nature rather than against it. Meiners’ documentary Vive el Paisaje shows them applying “biocultural landscape”. Developed in France, it includes the community’s culture. All the stakeholders in an area reach consensus on a policy. Their agriculture, forest management, and cottage industries flourish. Because they do not damage the environment, it’s sustainable.

His Project Albora counters the media’s gloom, cynicism, and terror. Meiners shows the joie de vivre of ordinary people. Their creativity solves problems like finding a substitute for styrofoam. Albora, founded in 2015, publishes environmental projects that make a difference.

Another Meiners’ project documents bringing back a species thought to be extinct. For a while, the IUCN had the little tequila splitfin fish on its Red List. But now it’s back in its native environment. Due to the efforts of many people at University Michoacán.

Mexican Wins IUCN Prize–Medical Tourists Can See Why: coming?

Medical tourists to Mexico can witness these projects. As medical tourists get well, they can see the environment heal, too. To use the best doctors and dentists we vetted, contact DocTours.

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