Mexican Students Rate High, Impress Medical Tourists

Mexican Students Rate High, Impress Medical Tourists.
Mexican Students Rate High, Impress Medical Tourists: sweep contest

Medical tourists find comfort learning Mexico also produces top young scientists.

Mexican Students Rate High, Impress Medical Tourists: robotics

Mexican students won all the top prizes in the secondary level of a robotics contest. The competition was the 2019 World Educational Robot Contest in Shanghai, China.

Three students in computing and mechatronics–team Robocon–took first place. Team Alfa Maravilla took second place. And Storm Bots team took home third place.

In the primary level competition, a team from the state of Guanajuato won first place. Students from Monterrey took second place.

The World Educational Robotics Society competition started in 1994. For many it’s the Olympics of robotics competitions for students aged 3 to 18.

Each year over 500,000 students compete in World Educational Robotics contests. World-level winners receive scholarships. That grants them a significant advantage in university admission. Some elite universities directly admit some winners.

Mexican Students Rate High, Impress Medical Tourists: prodigy

Adhara Pérez Sánchez of Mexico City–with q 162 IQ–has graduated from secondary school at eight years old. She now studies mathematics and systems engineering at online universities. She longs to attend the University of Arizona.

Discovering that, the University of Arizona invited Adhara to study astrophysics there. NASA has recognized UA for its space exploration program.

Adhara has also written a book, No te rindas (Don’t Give Up). Forbes magazine listed Adhara among the 100 Powerful Women in Mexico.

When she was three, doctors diagnosed Adhara with Asperger’s. In school her classmates bullied Adhara. Her teachers said she would fall asleep and didn’t work hard. But her mother noted she was studying algebra and the periodic table. Then she attended a school for gifted children.

Adhara’s mother and father seek ways to fund UA tuition. But first she must take an intensive English course.

Mexico has not only top young scientists. Top doctors and dentists also work here. To benefit from them, contact DocTours to arrange everything.

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