Mexican NanoSatellite Impresses Medical Tourists

Mexican NanoSatellite Impresses Medical Tourists.
Mexican NanoSatellite Impresses Medical Tourists

Medical tourists to Mexico might like to know the quality of Mexican science in general. Mexicans designed and developed a nanosatellite. That shows competence.

Mexican NanoSatellite Impresses Medical Tourists: the builders

NASA will launch the first all-Mexican nanosatellite into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida. It measures just 10 cubic centimeters.

The AztechSat-1 satellite will carry out a mission operated by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX. The mission is to establish communication with the entire Globalstar satellite constellation system. The aim is to improve the transmission of data to earth.

Development of the miniature CubeSat satellite began in July 2017. Late last year NASA approved its design. Students at the Popular Autonomous University of Puebla (UPAEP) designed and built the satellite. A total of 74 undergraduate and post-graduate students at UPAEP plus 12 academics worked on the project. The quality of the design of the AztechSat-1 is on a par with those of NASA engineers.

Mexican NanoSatellite Impresses Medical Tourists: costs

The total cost of developing and building the satellite and launching it into space? It’s more than US $400,000. About half of that amount came from the UPAEP. The builders used it to purchase components for AztechSat-1. Also they paid for other development-related expenses. Meanwhile, the Mexican Space Agency (AEM) contributed US $100,000. NASA is covering the US $100,000 cost of launching the nanosatellite into space.

All of the information obtained by AztechSat-1 will be freely available. That way students at other educational institutions can learn from its mission.

AztechSat-1 is the first national project to go into space. Another Mexican project to send a second satellite is already underway. The aim of a space mission by the AztechSat-2 satellite will be to monitor marine mammals. Also monitor the oceans in which they live.

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