Mexican Medical University Rated High, Tourists Note

Mexican Medical University Rated High, Tourists Note
The #National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Guadalajara ranks among the best universities in the world. The #English QS World University Rankings 2021 placed UNAM 100th out of 5,500 universities.

UNAM is the Ibero-American educational institution with the best academic prestige. That’s according to QS, the international graders.

UNAM obtained 93.3 out of 100 possible points in the Academic Reputation indicator. That score averages the opinions of 94,000 academics from the best #research institutions in the world.

UNAM’s growing prestige advanced it three places, from 103 last year to 100th this year. Since 2016, UNAM has been steadily rising, having moved up 75 positions.

Mexican Medical University Rated High, Tourists Note: competitors

QS ranked UNAM as one of the two best universities in #Ibero-America. The other is the University of Buenos Aires. Both surpassed all other universities in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

Besides academics, #employers too ranked UNAM high. Happy to hire UNAM #graduates, the average of employer ratings came to 90.9 points. This indicator, along with the academic one, solidifies UNAM’s reputation.

At the top of the list are the three most famous educational institutions in America:
– the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
– Stanford University, and
– Harvard University.
It’d be hard for anyone to vote against those three leaders in both education and research.

Mexican Medical University Rated High, Tourists Note: graduates work here

Here in Chapala lakeside over the hill from Guadalajara, many of the providers we vetted graduated from UNAM. Our professionals keep up with medical progress via the journals and conferences. Some studied and work in America, just as some Americans work and studied in UNAM at Guadalajara.

Furthermore, it’s the same organization that accredits all these universities, the Joint Commission International.

If you need to save money, rest assured that you can do so plus receive top quality care by Lake Chapala. Even now with restrictions, some must have medical care. To arrange your visit, appointments, and lodging, contact DocTours.

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