Mexican Medical Care For Gringos: New York Times

Mexican Medical Care For Gringos: New York Times
Mexican Medical Care For Gringos: New York Times covers knee surgery in Mexico

An American hospital charges a lot. The US medical system in general does. To save money, 100,000s of Americans seek care outside the United States each year. Medical tourism has been around for decades but has become more popular.

High American prices make it easy to offer bargains: Compare the US to Mexico:
– knee replacement about $30,000–sometimes double or triple that–versus typically $12,000;
– knee replacement implant about $8,000 vs. about $3,500;
– night in the hospital about $2,000 vs. $300.

Mexican Medical Care For Gringos: New York Times–with US doctor

Both an American orthopedist and “hers” patient may choose to operate outside the country. They may meet at an upscale Mexican hospital for the surgery.

Utilizing Mexico imposes no co-pays nor deductibles. Some insurance companies even cover all travel costs. Plus pay a $5,000 bonus. A company that insures employees can save half what’d they pay for US care. That’s even after paying travel expenses and incentives.

Further, American surgeons can earn three times more performing abroad. And be out of country less than a day. The American surgeons work closely with a Mexican counterpart and local nurses.

Mexican Medical Care For Gringos: New York Times–in Ajijic

We assure your experience. Travel is easy as Mexico is next door. Our doctors and their facilities receive the same accreditation that American ones do. The international Joint Commission sets standards in the US, too. We vetted the best. Our professionals depend on their stellar reputation.

Before coming, you send recent results of a physical exam, X-rays, and other tests. That ensures you’re a good candidate for treatment abroad. Our doctors review that.

Once here, you may have more X-rays and your blood drawn. You meet your specialist and visit the facility. We arrange all that, provide ground transport and lodging. We all speak English proficiently.

Some clients say the care is so good, even if they had to pay more, they’d come back. Mexicans treat you like family. Contact DocTours for your medical care.


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