Mexican Kid’s Invention Relaxes Insomniacs

Mexican Kid's Invention Relaxes Insomniacs  everywhere.
Mexican Kid’s Invention Relaxes Insomniacs –great news!

Mexico can help you feel better if you’re a medical tourist. But also through Mexico’s inventions. Like a tool to put you to sleep.

He is 10 years old. And like an adult, he suffers from insomnia. So he invented a sleeping band. Eventually he appeared on Shark Tank Mexico. He got the ‘sharks’ to invest $2.5 million pesos.

Franco Arturo Canseco calls his device Neutonic Band. It helps people fall asleep without taking medication.

Franco researched a lot to know if sleep was important. He learned insomnia hurts the mind. The small entrepreneur at seven had already sketched his product.

Erika Rodriguez, Franco’s mother, attended a series of talks in Mexico City to learn how to help a child inventor. She felt that all children are creative by nature. To remain so, children must see their ideas not remain on paper. They must be developed.

When he was seven, his parents tried to enter their son in the “Ideas Made in Mexico” contest. Even though a child had to be at least eight, the organizers let him enter. That invention–a robotic vertical column–came in second.

The next year, his Neutonic Band did not win either. So he investigated further, interviewed doctors and scientists, and developed the band in depth.

The Neutonic Band is a device capable of helping people relax without taking medication. Users place it on their face for eight minutes. Its four elements relax the person enough to fall asleep.

Then he entered State Expociencias. There he won first place. Next he joined the Mexican team that won first place in a contest in Chile. After that he reentered “Ideas Made in Mexico” and won first place. That led to appearing on Shark Tank.

While his band is not yet in the market, Mexican doctors and dentists stand ready to treat you. To arrange your appointments, contact DocTours.

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