Mexican Tech Prize Winner Impresses Medical Tourists

Mexican Tech Prize Winner Impresses Medical Tourists with pseudo sugar.
Mexican Tech Prize Winner Impresses Medical Tourists with health benefits.

Most noteworthy, medical tourists to Mexico visit a country that contributes to science.

Recently a Mexican, Javier Larragoiti, created an alternative to sugar. The 29-year-old Javier makes it from corn waste.

As a result, the Chivas Venture contest awarded Larragoiti’s startup the top prize. That’s $310,000 which comes no-strings attached. Especially relevant, his business, Xilinat, can spend it however they like.

Same as the company that makes Chivas Regal whisky also sponsors the tech fest. Chivas Venture takes place in Amsterdam, capital of Holland. Hence the competition is part of Europe’s leading TNW conferences.

There Larragoiti made his pitch to the judges. The panel included actress Zoe Saldana and Alexandre Ricard. He’s CEO of beverage company Pernod Ricard.

Mexican Tech Prize Winner Impresses Medical Tourists With Sweetener

First of all, at 18 Javier learned his father had diabetes. Ill or not, some diabetics won’t use sweeteners. Because they don’t like the taste and aren’t natural. Hence Larragoiti founded XiliNat.

Consequently, his patented technology created an attractive substitute. Most noteworthy it …
– tastes sugary,
– is low in calories,
– protects teeth against cavities,
– is completely natural, and
– is eco-friendly.

Most of all, each ton that sells will benefit 10,000 Mexican diabetics. In addition, it will improve the lives of 13 farmers who sell XiliNat their corn waste. Also, with their prize money, the startup can benefit people everywhere.

Mexican Tech Prize Winner Impresses Medical Tourists In Contest

From around the world, 20 entrepreneurs competed for a total of US $1 million. For instance, one came from Poland. Another from Portugal. The former transformed tires and used-rubber into industrial products. The latter’s platform connects refugees to volunteer language teachers. Judges rated each on their ability to create change via a viable business model.

In conclusion, consumers can buy the winning product at XiliNat’s website. 454 grams cost 200 pesos (US $10).

Furthermore, medical tourists can feel secure in advancing Mexico. Hence to save thousands and enjoy the best doctors and dentists, contact DocTours to arrange everything.

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