Mexican Inventions to Impress Medical Tourists

Mexican Inventions to Impress Medical Tourists from all eras.
Mexican Inventions to Impress Medical Tourists from BC to now.

Some world-class #inventions come from Mexicans. Some are:
* The Pill,
* nanomedicine,
* color TV,
* the “Rocket belt” used by James Bond,
* the floating valve for toilets and fuel gauges,
* pilings for earthquakes, and
* a microtone scale.

Those we cited earlier.

Mexican Inventions to Impress Medical Tourists: modern ones

To that list of seven, let’s add 10 more.

The Roki exoskeleton helps handicapped people walk. It’s by Norberto Velázquez.

The EVA Bra detects and warns of breast cancer. It continuously senses temperature and analyzes data. It’s by Julián Ríos.

A biofuel based on lily plants comes from José Alberto Espejel.

#Gnome is an Open source project that powers the Linux Desktop. The two top committers and leads were Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena. The Ubuntu machine is Linux (Debian) in the bottom and Gnome on the top.

In flight:
* a #helicopter in 1920,
* a bomber in 1923, and
* one of the first monoplanes in 1916 …
all came from the mind of Angel Lascurain. In 1957 he died while testing his own prototype of the airliner “Aura”.

The first solid model of faster than light travel is called the #Alcubierre Drive. So far it’s theoretical. It’s out of the brain of Miguel Alcubierre.

Mexican Inventions to Impress Medical Tourists: ancient ones

Consider Mexico’s prehispanic past. Now we can add more major inventions and discoveries. #Vulcanization process is how industry produces rubber. The earliest known Vulcanization took place in prehispanic Mexico.

Food-wise, pre-historic Mexicans discovered #chocolate, chewing gum, and corn.

The ancient Zapotecs used corn as well as #popcorn (without even watching any movies). They, or a civilization before them, created corn. They selectively bred a type of grass called teocintle (Zea genus). Originally it grew in the Mexican central valley. In the modern era we have QPM Corn. Evangelina Villegas invented that.

These firsts by Mexicans may enrich you impression of this developing nation. Ready to become a #medical tourist? Contact DocTours to arrange your appointments and visit.


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