Mexican Cancer Researcher Wins Prize–Medical Tourists

Mexican Cancer Researcher Wins Prize--Medical Tourists note a step forward.
Mexican Cancer Researcher Wins Prize–Medical Tourists note progress happens everywhere.

Most noteworthy, a Mexican student is helping advance #immunotherapy in #cancer treatment.

Mexican Cancer Researcher Wins Prize–Medical Tourists Note He Impressed the UK

For his work, Alejandro #Jiménez Sánchez won a prize for the best doctoral thesis of the year. The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute awarded Jiménez the prize.

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute chose Jiménez’s paper from among many others. Especially relevant, all their research was at high-level in the field. Jiménez started his doctorate three years ago.

The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute brings together close to 250 scientists from around the globe. Furthermore, all of them focus on diagnosing, treating, and preventing cancer.

In addition, the scientific journal Cell–which is peer-reviewed–published his research. Hence others published a series of scientific papers based on his work.

Due to a scholarship from Conacyt, Jiménez is able to study in the UK. Conacyt is Mexico’s National Council for Science and Technology.

Mexican Cancer Researcher Wins Prize–Medical Tourists Note His Good Work

First of all, Alejandro Jiménez #researched how the human body recognizes cancer cells as a threat. Doctors need that knowledge to develop #treatments that activate the immune system. As a result, the body can halt the cancer’s growth.

Jiménez studied a patient with four tumors. On its own, the patient’s body reduced two of the tumors. Jiménez used computational tools to analyze all the genetic and molecular data of the tumors. Most noteworthy, he discovered properties in the immune system that likely accounted for reducing the two tumors.

Later Jiménez collaborated with New York researcher Alexandra Snyder. Via computational analysis, the two of them validated the discoveries Jiménez obtained.

The Mexican student’s research is moving forward. He is currently collaborating on two projects in Israel. While one evaluates a model that will detect tumoral cells in mice, the other studies unique ovarian cancer cells.

In conclusion, Mexicans, too, do world-class research. Furthermore, the nation offers the #best dentists and doctors. Want to be a #medical tourist? Contact DocTours to arrange your visit.


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