Mercury Fillings Medical Tourists Replace in Mexico

Mercury Fillings Medical Tourists Replace in Mexico
Mercury Fillings Medical Tourists Replace in Mexico safely.

#Mercury is a toxic element. There is no known safe level of mercury exposure. Yet #silver fillings contain about 50% mercury. Hence silver fillings expose you to the toxic, dangerous effects of mercury.

Every time you chew on food a small amount of mercury from your filling is released into your body. Chewing gum is especially dangerous since it releases a higher amount of mercury into your body,

Mercury fillings cause mercury poisoning. That leads to multiple problems, including:
* tremors,
* insomnia,
* headaches,
* nerve damage,
* kidney problems, and
* respiratory failure.
University of Washington researchers discovered that even the low-level release of mercury toxins into the body causes brain damage.

Mercury Fillings Medical Tourists Replace in Mexico Finally

Silver fillings are popular in the US. They fill the cavities of more than 100 million Americans. #Dentists have used mercury in fillings since the 19th century. Throughout the US, dentists continued to use them. That’s because they were:
* much cheaper,
* faster, and
* easier to place
than traditional gold materials.

Because they are called silver fillings, one might think they are made of silver. However, in reality they are only one third this metal and half mercury, AKA quicksilver.

These fillings also contain tin, copper, and zinc. When combined together, these elements create a hard and durable material called #amalgam. The end product is filled into cavities to help strengthen the teeth and prevent their removal.

Mercury Fillings Medical Tourists Replace in Mexico 2 Ways

According to many recent scientific studies, #spirulina helps detoxify the body. Spirulina binds to built up toxins in the body. Then the natural processes of elimination carries these toxins out of the body. Spirulina is an inexpensive way to support detoxification of the body.

Another way to detoxify the body, of course, is to replace amalgam fillings. Many Americans choose that procedure in #Mexico. Here it is #safe and #affordable. To arrange your visit and appointment, contact DocTours.

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