Medical Tourists to Mexico: Nanotech Vs Osteoporosis

Medical Tourists to Mexico
Medical Tourists to Mexico:
Nano Tech Vs Osteoporosis

Good news, medical tourists. Scientists have put #nano-medicine on the near horizon. Mexico is likely to be an early nation to approve its use.

Medical Tourists to Mexico: Nanotech Vs Osteoporosis: VERDI

#Nanoparticles–for some researchers, they’re like a Holy Grail. Doctors will use them two major ways. One, send drugs to the precise #target where the body needs them. Two, use the nanos to repair damaged tissues such as bones and muscles.

Inspired by their potential, the EU Research Council launched #VERDI. The project will be a library of two things. One, active nano ingredients and two, targeting mechanisms. Organizers will arrange both according to the disease that doctors will treat.

Using this library, developers could design nanoparticles customized for each bone pathology. They could arm mesoporous silica nanoparticles with sophisticated weapons. They’d fight bone diseases such as:
_ #osteoporosis that weakens bone reconstruction,
_ bacteria that infect healthy bones and resist the body’s defenses, and
_ #cancerous tumors that grow inside bone tissues disguised as healthy cells.
Super-agents easily recognize any of these threats.

Medical Tourists to Mexico: Nanotech Vs Osteoporosis: 3 in 1

Clinicians can use ultrasound, ultraviolet light, or magnetic signals to guide loaded particles. Scientists dress these agents in “special clothing”. These polymer coatings help the particles recognize where to deliver their cargo. Then, not before, they’d release the medicine.

Tiny agents on board could release their antibiotics to kill bacteria causing infection.

Anticancer agents can sense contact with the rogue cancer cell receptors. Then release toxin into tumor cells.

Nanoparticles could deliver #molecules that silence genes causing osteoporosis. This treatment would limit bone loss and promote bone formation.

Imagine one technology for treating three different bone diseases:
– osteoporosis
– bone cancer, and
– bone infection.
Thereby industry could scale-up easily. Soon, nano- treatments and medicines will transition from research to healthcare.

While waiting if you need the next best thing, contact Doctors to arrange your medical tourism.

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